Friday, September 26, 2014

bedtime routine: nailed it.

While I have thought for some time that we have a good bedtime routine, the other night Natalie did something that confirmed just how much she enjoys our routine and reading.

Just like any other night, I took Natalie into her room and put her on the floor to play.  While she was distracted, I took her blanket out of the crib and hung it over the side so I can easily grab it once I sit down in the rocking chair for story time.  I went into her closet and picked out pajamas and set them on the rocking chair.  I always put them there for easy access while I get her changed.  Before I could sit down on the floor with her, I heard Brandon call my name from the hallway.  I walked over to the baby gate and was talking to him while watching Natalie on the floor.  This is where things got adorable. 

She crawled over to her bookcase and started to touch the different books.  She pulled down one of her board books and flipped through the pages.  She pushed it aside.  She did this with a couple more books.  Then she intently pulled a book down off the shelf - one we read often "On the Night You Were Born" by Nancy Tillman.  While adorable, I didn't think much more about it... until she brought me the book.  How stinkin' adorable.  I almost cried.  I thought it was so sweet that she was bringing me her book.  I was finishing up my conversation with Brandon when she crawled over to her crib and pulled her blanket down.  After a moment of playing peek-a-boo with herself (I know so cute, right?), she crawled over to give me her blanket too. 

In her own way, Natalie was telling me that she was ready for story time snuggles. It was so sweet and it made me feel so good.  It was like her way of telling me that I was doing a good job. That little girl is something else :)

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