Friday, September 12, 2014

a post of gratitude

Yesterday morning when I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and facebook stalking in an effort to avoid getting ready for work, I came across an article that immediately made me think of Katie.  Katie is a girl that I went to high school with - she was one of my sister's classmates.  I wasn't close with Katie, but we knew each other.  Somewhere along the way, we reconnected through social media.  I started following her blog and found inspiration in her strength.  She is one strong mama.  Without hesitating, I re-posted the story I had found and tagged Katie letting her know it made me think of her.


Because she is a mom.  Because she is a mom who shared her own personal stories and feelings on a fairly controversial topic that I agree with her on.  Because she has shown me some sort of "you're doing a good job, mom" support since I brought Natalie home from the hospital.  She is part of this weird club that I joined less than a year ago that I treasure and appreciate so much.  This band of mothers so to speak. (See what I did there, so clever.) 

I was talking to Brandon about it on the way to work.  Since becoming a mom, I have found myself connecting with people in a completely different way.  There is this unspoken understanding and appreciation.  I follow so many other mom blogs because I feel connected to these people in some way.  And it's not just other mom's in blogs - it's my co-workers too.  I had always been fond of my co-worker, Jessica, but since getting pregnant we have become closer.  She was a constant source of support and encouragement throughout my pregnancy and has remained that way in my post pregnancy weight loss struggle and really in my life in general.  Then there is my other friend, Jessica.  She was the girlfriend of one of my brother-in-laws groomsmen when I met her.  Now she is one of the first people I think of on the 16th of every month (the day of the month her son was born) and one of the people I love to contact when Natalie hits a milestone because she is just as excited as I am.

Today I am feeling so grateful for the mama support network I have found.  People I have never met, but have connected with through blogging.  People I have worked with for years, but who I have really come to bond with because of our small humans.  Women I have known for years but have not really connected with until recently.  Ladies who were mere acquaintances in college, who years later just happened to have small humans around the same time I did so we find ourselves understanding one another on a new level. 

Thank you for all of the advice you have given me, knowingly or not. Thank you for inspiring me.  Thank you for teaching me there are so many different ways to be a good parent.  Thank you for showing me that I am so not alone in motherhood. Thank you for struggling with me and celebrating milestones with me.  Thank you, for everything.

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