Monday, September 15, 2014

10 months!

age: 10 months! double digits :)  I must say, I think this might be my favorite age yet!

weight: This month is merely a guess, but if she was 23lb 1oz at her nine month check-up, I would say she is probably just shy on 24lbs.  The girl is on the move constantly, so I don't think she has packed on any weight in the last month.

food: At this point, just about anything we eat - Natalie eats as well. Last week when we went out for our anniversary, it was so strange and oddly exciting to order something for her off of the menu.  Natalie loves dry cereal, goldfish and Gerber puffs.  She enjoyed her first sweet a couple weeks ago too - a chocolate chip cookie :)  I couldn't resist sharing it with her, but we don't plan on giving her any other sweets until her birthday.  

milestones:  She teased up with first steps and has yet to do it again.  She comfortably moves from place to place holding onto whatever is near by, but has yet to get brave enough to try walking on her own.  We recently got her a little push walker and she loves it.  She often gives the lion face a kiss which is just adorable.  

We recently also mastered putting her in her crib AWAKE.  This is something that I wish I had been better about when we were sleep training, but I couldn't. It hurt my little heart to listen to her cry.  Thanks to my mom and our daycare provider, Natalie is MUCH better about going into her crib awake and falling asleep on her own.  She is getting really good at soothing herself which is also a big thing.

We also celebrated Grandparent's Day with Brandon's parents.  We met them at the Gettysburg outlets and did a little fall shopping for Nat.  She now has a fairly complete fall wardrobe which is nice.  We found some really adorable items and I cannot wait to put her in them :)  It was an absolutely beautiful day and we had a really nice visit.

favorites: She loves her push-walker and her blocks still.  We really haven't changed up her toys since she gets to play with new things at daycare.  Sayeda tells us that she loves to play with the rattles and noisemakers at daycare.  She also loves to dance which I find completely adorable.  Natalie absolutely loves music - she is her father's daughter :)  Lately, Natalie and Gemma are starting to play more and it is really cute to watch their relationship develop. 

looking forward to: We are so excited to take her to the fair this week!  She loves playing with her farm animals, so I am excited for her to see farm animals in real life.  I am also looking forward to doing some planning for her first birthday!  That will be here before we know it!  I already know that we aren't doing something big - just our immediate families and her godparents - but I am still so excited to celebrate our little miss!

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