Thursday, August 14, 2014

nine months :)

age: Nine months! We are three quarters through her first year of life. How is that possible?

weight: We had Natalie's nine month well visit today and she is weighing in these days at 23lbs 1oz.  What a little chunk :)  I could not believe she was 29.5 inches tall.  Good gracious!  She is almost literally half the size of her Aunt Michelle.

food: The little girl has tried what seems like everything under the sun and really seems to love it all.  She especially loves Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and tuna. She loves cheerios and anything she can pick up and eat herself.  She is such a big girl :)  It is crazy sometimes when I think about all the things that she eats and has tried.  She is growing up too fast!  We are officially off of formula liquid gold and onto whole milk.  The cost savings alone make me want to do a happy dance - seriously $45/week on formula to $12/week on milk.  The girl is going through about 2.5 gallons of milk a week.  Good gracious.  To top it off, we had a smooth transition with no allergy issues. Yay! However, I did get a nice lengthy and stern lecture from the pediatrician about this though.  She is concerned that the miss is not getting enough nutrients.  The way the child eats - I don't really think that could possibly be the case, but this still caused me to have a mini-meltdown about being a terrible mother.

milestones: We officially have six teeth.  Well, the bottom two are in and the top four are through the gums and almost in.  We also have another bottom two starting to make their way in which I guess would make a total of EIGHT teeth.  Woof.  

The miss has mastered crawling and she gets into absolutely everything.  Last week she started really confidently standing on her own and I have a feeling that she will be taking those first steps any day/week now! I am not entirely sure that I am ready for that!

favorites: She loves her blocks. While she hasn't mastered stacking and building with them just yet - they are making great teethers in the mean time.  She loves to read her story books - or at the very least turn the pages.  She is convinced that Hank is her own personal jungle gym and she loves to climb and crawl all over him.  He is such a tolerant pup :)

looking forward to: This month the little girl starts day care!  This is such a big an exciting step for all of us and I am excited to see how this goes.  I am feeling a little anxious, but that is to be expected.  Natalie was home when I left for work and home when I got home from work.  The idea of dropping her off somewhere is a little bit hard, but I know overall it's the best thing for her.  She is going to make new friends and learn so much that I know this will be so beneficial... at least, that's what I keep telling myself!

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