Wednesday, August 13, 2014

nine month favorites!

1. Gerber Puffs.  Natalie is in love with the entire Gerber Graduates snack line.  We incorporate puffs (or cereal like Cheerios) into most meals.  While I generally like to do her main meal before Brandon and I sit down to eat so that we can actually eat a meal together, we will give her some puffs, melts or crunchies to work on while we are actually eating.  This encourages her not only to join us at meal time and includes her in our dinner routine preparing her for that being the norm, but it also allows us to eat our meals while they are still hot - something we did not do much of for the first 6 months :)

2. Fisher Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm.  Natalie loves to chew on the farmer while listening to the different songs and sounds made by the farm animals.  While not ideal for the farmer, it helps those sore little gums.  I love watching her play with the farm with Brandon.  A Fisher Price farm was one of his favorite toys growing up, so it's fun to see them play with her little farm together.  We love to use this to introduce the animals and the sounds that they make - which will make it more fun when we go to the fair this fall and she gets to see those animals up close in real life :)

3. Wooden blocks. Toy or teether?  It's both - sensing a theme here?  She loves to gnaw on these things which is totally fine by me since I don't have to worry about her choking on them.  We got her cousin lego-like blocks to keep at our house and the pieces were just small enough that Brandon was constantly putting two of them together to prevent a choking hazard and Natalie was constantly taking them apart.  It's nice to have blocks that all the miniature humans can play with that don't make the life size people worry.  Natalie has also discovered that if you clap them together they make loud noises. She loves to watch us build towers so that she can knock them down.  Such a destructive little girl :)  

4. Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun - Life in the Amazon. Remember this gem from the six months favorites? Well it's back!  The excersaucer comes apart and become a play station, for lack of a better way to put it.  Since Natalie loves pulling herself up on things and standing up - this has been a great way to help her do that.  It's a familiar toy used in a new exciting way.  I love watching her stand up and use it to stabilize herself while she walks from one end of the toy to the other.  Soon enough - she won't be needing it to be stabilize and she'll be playing at the different stations and walking between them without care.  Yikes.

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