Monday, August 11, 2014

a little weekend recap

I love when weekends play out exactly like you wanted them to.  Saturday, Brandon and I got things done around the house and my parents came by to hang out.  My mom and I (but mostly my mom) made the bumpers for Natalie's room make-over.  I cannot wait to show that off sometime this week when the final touches are in place!  Sunday was another big day for us.  We spent the morning prepping meals for Natalie for the week.  I am really loving the different things we can do with her now that she is getting older and mastering that whole chewing thing.  I'll recap her menu for the week on Friday after we see how it goes :)  Sunday afternoon, we had a WMA region picnic for work.  I think it might be one of my favorite memories with Natalie to date.  Here are some of the pictures from the day...

the loves of my life

Jordan bravely letting Nat play with Zac :)

my little family of three :)

It is so amazing how one little person can fill your life and your heart in such a big way.  She is growing up so fast and her personality is really coming out.  She was so inquisitive and sweet with Zac.  She loved to play with his little toes and hold his hand.  She was a little jealous when I was holding him, but she quickly got over it thanks to the distraction of Cheerios.  She was so adventurous - nothing slowed her down.  She was quite interested in the grass and ate probably too much of it, but you pick your battles.  She is such a speedy little crawler that more than one person warned me that she will be running in no time.  Sometimes I can't wait for that.  I am excited to chase her around the park and playground.  However, other times I am dreading it - like when I am at Target watching parents run after their small humans while those small humans knock over display stands.  Each day is an adventure with her and I am so excited about this chapter.

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