Monday, July 14, 2014

eight months!

age: 8 months

weight: It will be another month before we will know for sure!  She still fits into some 9 months clothes but is mostly wearing 12 months stuff, even though it's a bit big on her.  So I am going to say she is somewhere between 19-22 lbs.  I cannot wait to find out just how big she has gotten though!

food: The little miss does not miss a meal.  She is such a good eater.  We have tried so many fruits and veggies and now proteins that it is hard to keep track of everything!  There is not much that she doesn't like and even then, she will still eat it... for the most part anyways.

milestones:  She is crawling like crazy now and trying so desperately to stand on her own.  It cracks me up when she pulls her self up on something, lets go, panics and then grabs onto it again real quick.  She is one seriously strong little girl. I have no doubt that she will be walking by the end of summer!  This past week she also started clapping.  It is adorable.  She even makes a noise that sounds quite similar to "Yay!"  I cannot get enough of it.

Natalie also made a big trip to Jersey to meet lots of family and friends on my husband's side.  It was a beautiful day for a picnic.  It was nice to get a picture with four generations of Wilkinsons :)  It was also really nice to get to see family that we had not gotten to see since our wedding!  Natalie really enjoyed herself, so much so that it was almost impossible to get her to go to bed.  She did not want to miss a thing!

Natalie was smitten with her great grandma :)
Chunk also celebrated her first 4th of July :) My parents stopped by on their way home from Indiana and it was nice to have them here for a night to celebrate.  While she did not stay awake long enough for the fireworks, I think she had a good day.  I am excited for next year and hopefully the little miss seeing the fireworks.  I think it is something she would really enjoy :)

favorites: Now that we are settling into a real bedtime routine, we have been doing quite a bit more reading at night.  The little girl loves story time.  It is adorable when she crawls over to her bookcase and pulls books off to read.  She absolutely adores bath time.  She is a water baby.  She loves to splash and play with her bath time duckies.  They double as great teethers. 

looking forward to: I am seriously looking forward to this nursery overhaul.  We have started looking at fabrics at JoAnn and online.  I am still not sure exactly how I want to do things, but I am gathering ideas and making lists and taking tons of notes.