Wednesday, July 16, 2014

eight month favorites!

1. Natalie's 4th of July outfit!  This was the first 4th of July in four years that I have not worked.  I was excited to spend the day with my little family and even more excited that I would get to spend some of the afternoon with my parents.  I love Carter's 4th of July sparkle tee and the striped shorts.  Carter's really does have all the best holiday apparel for the small humans.  I always find just what I need there.  While this outfit did not last all day, it was adorable while it did!

2. Nancy Tillman books.  I love the stories that come with Nancy Tillman books - they all convey a very similar message: you are loved.  Wherever You Go was gifted to me by my friend Jessica when I was 24 weeks pregnant.  It marked the week of viability in my pregnancy which was a very exciting milestone.  Natalie and I read it every night.  The book starts out "I wanted you more than you will ever know, so I sent love to follow wherever you go."  A sentiment that could not be more fitting for my little girl.  Another Nancy Tillman book, The Crown on Your Head, made an appearance in Natalie's Easter basket.  

3. Baby Pool.  While this is not our exact pool (and we actually have two kiddie pools), it is quite similar.  Natalie is a total water baby and she loves to splash and play.  Now that we have the patio done and the deck gone, we can really use our backyard and we have been able to have her outside playing more often.  We got our little baby pool at Target for just $12.99 and it is a summer staple.  I love it.  At the end of last summer, we got a Cars themed baby pool for $7 at the Christmas Tree Shops.  We have ended up using that one too - it's more Hank friendly :) 

4. Yankees Rubber Ducky.  Natalie was recently gifted this little gem at her Jersey picnic.  I love it.  Brandon loves it because it's Yankees.  I love it because it makes a great bath time companion and teether - which is especially nice since those top teeth might be making an appearance sooner rather than later!  If she isn't splashing (or her newest move - trying to stand up in the baby tub), then she is gnawing on her rubber ducky. 

5. Baby Einstein Walker.  She is still trying to figure out just how it works on all flooring materials and in the interim it's a good place to stick her when I need to use the bathroom or run upstairs or do something that requires her to stay still.  She loves to scoot around our kitchen which isn't very big so she doesn't go far.  She loves that the walker allows her to be that much closer to Hank's face.  Once she really gets the hang of it, it will be fun to take her outside and let her go for a little walk on the sidewalk in front of our house. Just another way to tire out the little babe :)

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