Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Seven Month Favorites!

I am finding it incredibly hard to believe that Natalie is seven months old.  Where has the time gone?  This months favorites have everything to do with the fact that we are on our FIRST family vacation at the beach to celebrate Father's Day! Woohoo

1. HeatherRodgerDesigns Custom 1st Father's Day shirt!  I wanted to do something super special for Brandon from Natalie for his first Father's Day so I set about Etsy to find something cute and personal. Etsy did not disappoint!  What could be more special or a better surprise than a shirt for the little miss to wear all day celebrating her dad :)  I love it.  The shirt turned out great!  I paired it with a bow from Emmerson Grace boutique (another Etsy shop I adore) and it was perfect.  The look on his face when he realized what she was wearing was absolutely priceless.  

2. Bumbo Chair and Tray. This chair and tray set is perfect for travel.  Natalie loves to sit in her Bumbo seat anyways which makes it the perfect place for her to eat her meals on the go.  The Bumbo seat is far more compact than her high chair and far easier to bring along on road trips.  We were able to throw the chair and tray into the car and I knew I would have a place to keep my squirmy little miss still while trying to feed her.

3. Sunhats.  An absolute must have for the summer.  While I absolutely adore Natalie in bows, she is just as cute in sunhats.  I cannot get enough.  I love her Carter's sunhat that we put in her Easter basket.  The white matches most everything she wears so it is an essential for the beach.  She also has a light blue one which is cute for the beach.  I have no doubt that I will be scoping them out while we are in O.C.

4. Personalized Pottery Barn Kids Beach Towel.  I love a good personalized item.  In fact, thanks to Etsy, Natalie has a lot of things with her name on them.  I cannot get enough of it. So, of course we had to get her a personalized beach towel.  While we did not go with the one shown above, she does have a personalized seahorse Pottery Barn Kids beach towel that we got on super sale around the holidays.  It made the perfect first Christmas present!  I especially love that it is hooded! 

5. Little itty bitty tankinis.  I cannot handle the cuteness. I fell in love with these bathing suits from Carter's.  They are precious and practical.  I love the Rash Guard tops and the fact that they have UPF +50 sun protection.  It is so important to me that the little miss goes without too much sun exposure - a sunburned baby cannot possibly be a happy baby.  It's an added bonus for me that they are both super girly without being super pink.  I consistently try to amp up the girly while limiting the pink.