Monday, June 30, 2014

creating the right space for the right baby

Sometimes when I sit in Natalie's room at night reading her bedtime stories, I look around and feel so upset with myself.  I feel like I jumped the gun on decorating her room.  I wanted a baby so badly that I didn't wait to put together a room for my baby.  I just put together a room for a baby. I was so hell bent on having a child and being a mom that I didn't care who that child was, I just wanted him or her to be home with us and I wanted him or her to have a perfect little room.  Now, don't get me wrong - the bedding is beautiful, the color is peaceful and the little details are so wonderful and thoughtful.  It's a truly precious and lovely nursery, but it just doesn't fit my wild, spunky little girl.  

I wish I had been patient.  I know now that I should have waited until I knew what I was having.  And then waited a little longer until I came around and started liking the idea of pink and girly (which was when Natalie was about 4 months old).  While gender neutral is a totally acceptable way to go, and I can appreciate families who go the gender neutral route, I know now that it is not right for me.  I want a room that compliments my little girl. Yep, after fighting girly my entire pregnancy, I am dying to make Natalie's room a little more girly.

I wish I had been more creative. While classic Pooh is sweet and timeless, it's not quite right for Natalie. Don't get me wrong, my little girl is sweet but she is also spunky and funny, stubborn and wild, mischievous and silly.  I find myself so annoyed that I picked a "licensed"/character/pre-made theme.  I now feel so constricted by it.  I hate when things don't match perfectly and trying to put anything else into her room jeopardizes the matching.  It's impossible to add little Natalie details when I have to worry about them fitting in with the rest of her room.  I know now that a "licensed" theme or a set theme (i.e. Disney princess, jungle, forest friends, etc.) is really not for me. 

The only way to solve this problem: nursery overhaul! Woohoo!! I am so incredibly lucky and extremely blessed that my husband is so incredibly tolerant of my insanity.  Somehow the man has given me the green light to re-do Natalie's room to create a space made for my fun, spunky little girl.  I am so excited about this that I have already started planning it out and coming up with ideas for what I want to do.  The icing on the cake: my mama is in town and she brought her sewing machine.  She and I are going to make Natalie's bedding and perhaps some other little odds and ends!  Stay tuned for more details :)