Thursday, June 26, 2014

But I thought I baby-proofed...

Before Natalie was born, I went through and I started to baby proof the house.  I put the little outlet covers on all of the outlets.  I put the lock things on the cabinets which Brandon quickly removed because he felt as though I was also Brandon-proofing the house.  Which reminds me - I really should put those back on there.  Oh! And get those really annoying toilet-proofing things.  I fought with the contraptions for the strings for the blinds and in the end I just tied up the strings for the blinds. I made sure gates were in place (which doubled as a way to keep Gemma from peeing wherever she pleases - that dog is a royal pain). I wanted our home to be safe for our baby.  Now that Natalie is crawling, Brandon and I are finding that we are the world's worst baby-proofers.  Seriously... did we really even baby proof the house at all?  Good gracious.

Natalie is finding things I didn't even know we owned.  How is that possible?! On top of it - she is entirely too interested in the dogs toys.  I mean come on Nat, get the rope toy out of your mouth.  I know, I know "pick your battles" because "a little dirt never hurt anyone" but SERIOUSLY.  Natalie, please stop trying to teethe on that rawhide. Where did she even find that?!  How has Hank not destroyed that by now?!  I feel like at least ten times a day, I use the phrase "For the love of God, get out of the dogs water bowl"!  I am just waiting for the day when the kibble makes its way into her mouth. Woof.

We have had a bookshelf in the kitchen.  To Natalie - it was the coolest thing to ever grace the world.  I loved the way it completed our kitchen and gave my cookbooks a nice little home.  Natalie loved that she could reach new things, especially from her walker, and explore new lands.  So, unfortunately, Brandon and I had to move it downstairs.  Or not so unfortunately, because I have to admit, I kind of like it down there.  Now my cookbooks are in the living room on the bookcase there... where we once had pictures, classic vinyls, and other nice books, but thanks to Natalie's interest in them, they have now been removed as well.  Are you sensing the same trend that I am?  
I know that there is no way that my little one-woman-wrecking-crew is the only crawling, destructive little human out there.  Does anyone have any tricks about how to baby-proof bookcases?!  I would love to have my living room look lived in once again and not look like we are in that weird moving in transition, especially since we have lived there for over two years.  We have emptied the bottom shelves and have put Natalie friendly items there for now to see if that aids in the battle, but I am sure that as soon as she is bored of them she will be back at her mission for destruction. This is my S.O.S. to all parents out there!