Friday, May 2, 2014

Canopy How To

I have had several people ask me how we made little Nat's canopy corner so I figured it might be easy to just put a little tutorial together.

1 Large Hula Hoop
2 Full Size Flat Sheets
6-8 Screw Hooks
6-8 Eye Hooks
Duct Tape
2 Safety Pins

1. Cut the hula hoop to open the circle.  WARNING: hula hoops are filled with water and it will spill all over you, your floor and your dogs... who knew!  Obviously, not me.

2. Cut an incision on both ends of the folded portion of both of the flat sheets.
found this image on Google - so helpful!

3. Thread the flat sheets one at a time onto the hula hoop so that the incision is on the inside of the circle.

4. Duct tape the hula hoop back together.  This will be hidden by the sheets, I promise.

5. Using the drill, screw the eye hooks into the hula hoop.  You will want to place them as evenly as possible around the hula hoop.

TIP: On the side you plan to use as the back of the canopy, overlap the sheets where they meet and use a screw to join the two sheets together.  This will help the back to stay closed if you do not plan on sewing the two flat sheets together.  We did not sew ours together and this trick worked great!

6. Hold the hula hoop up to the ceiling and mark on the ceiling where the hooks are placed on the hula hoop.  Screw the remaining six hooks into the ceiling at the marks.

7. To hide the duct tape, overlap the sheets and use safety pins to close the circle.  It occurs to me as I am writing this tutorial, if we had been smart, we would have put the duct tape side on the back and used the trick above.  Hindsight is 20/20, right? Either way you do it - you will still need to overlap the sheets in the front and pin them together to hide the hula hoop!

8. Connect the hooks from the hula hoop to the hooks on the ceiling. 

For some final touches, we added cute ribbon tie backs to the sheets so that it can remain open.  I simply cut a little incision into the sheet and thread a ribbon through.  I tried to match it in height and depth on the other side.  I think it turned out okay.  I don't know how evenly matched they are, but I am not going to lose sleep over it!  

We wanted her to have a soft place to sit in her little canopy so we looked for a large pillow for the little miss to sit on or lay on.  And by large pillow... I mean we took a really cute dog bed that we found at either Marshalls or HomeGoods - one of the two - and we put that in there.  It's big and fluffy and works perfectly.  It doesn't say "dog bed" anywhere on it, so unless you're reading this (or I tell you), then you'd never know!

I absolutely love it.  I am pretty sure this is one of the coolest projects that Brandon and I have ever completed together.  I cannot wait for her to be old enough to really want to use it :)