Sunday, April 27, 2014

my how our weekends have changed...

Five years ago, our weekends looked quite different.  Friday night meant leaving work and driving to Williamsport.  It meant starting to pre-game for the bar at 8pm while we got ready.  It meant leaving the house for the bar at 10pm. It meant $1 shots, $2 Bud Lights and $5 pitchers of rum & coke. Saturday meant morning gym trips to sweat out the hangover and all day lifetime movie/SVU marathons, unless it was nice outside in which case it meant day drinking and watching the boys play wiffleball.  Saturday night meant another liver destroying evening at the Cell Block.  Now, it's hard to even think about the Cell Block without feeling like I might be sick. Sundays were spent recovering from the weekend.  Five years ago, Sunday nights meant going to bed early to prepare for classes the next day or, in my case, driving home from Lycoming and getting ready for another work week.  Yep, saying "life was so different five years ago" seems like an understatement.

Now, I cannot imagine staying up until 10pm on a Friday night.  Now, weekends are spent doing grown-up things and family things.  And I love it. This past weekend was a big weekend in terms of being grown-ups, homeowners and parents.  Friday night, we put the baby to bed and then Brandon and I spent the night cleaning out the basement for Natalie's playroom.  What had once been a gym area was turning into a place where our daughter can play. We had a successful clean up session and we were still in bed by 10pm. Love it. 
...some things don't change :)

Saturday we went out and got a cube organizer from Target and some baskets to go with it.  We went to HomeGoods as I had seen a really cute little teepee there that I thought would perfectly round out her play room.  Unfortunately, someone else thought it was adorable and got it for themselves.  I was totally bummed.  I went online in the middle of HomeGoods and wanted to find a back-up plan. I was upset and needed an immediate replacement to feel better and fill that place in the room.  Land of Nod had an adorable canopy that I thought would do just the trick.  Brandon was convinced that he could make it himself and I decided to see how it played out.  We did some research and Sunday was spent getting the supplies and finishing up the playroom.  I have to say, I am slightly obsessed with the way it turned out.  I am especially obsessed with the canopy that my husband made for Natalie.  We spent less money on the cubes, rug and our homemade canopy than we would have on the canopy from Land of Nod.  Yep, my husby is friggin awesome :)

the loves of my life :)
While Sunday night still means getting ready for work the next day, it also means bath time for my little sweet pea...

And I can't think of a better way to close out my weekends.