Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Five Months!

I feel like each month I say just about the same thing regarding Natalie. Each month I write that I cannot believe how fast time is flying and how much is she learning and growing. I say that I cannot wait to see what the next month brings and the reality is, I can't.  She is so smart and so funny.  She is so sweet and just so dang lovable. The time is moving so quickly and it is so crazy to look back and the monthly pictures and see just how much she is growing and changing.  It's happening before my eyes and I am so scared that if I blink, then I will miss something.  Therefore, I have decided to start doing these monthly posts much like I did my pregnancy posts.  Let's see how this goes :)

Age: 5 months

Weight: While at my parents house, I stood on the scale and weighed myself (and I am back at my pre-pregnancy weight! Now if only my clothes fit like they did pre-pregnancy...) and then I had my mom hand me Natalie and I weighed myself again.  The little chunk is 18lbs.  However, I did read that she would double in weight by time she is five months so she is right where she needs to be and I am one proud mama.

Foods: We have started giving her rice cereal or baby oatmeal consistently.  We try to do it breakfast and lunch and then at dinner throw in some baby food.  We try on the spoon at first and then when that goes over like a fart in church, we dump it in the bottle.  I figure as long as we're trying, then eventually she'll get it.  In the mean time, it's important to me that she gets the food in her and tries new things one way or the other. (Yes, I too have read that you shouldn't give babies cereal in a bottle.  I have also read that wine and tuna during pregnancy will lead to autism and we all know my stance on that.)  So far the little miss has had grits, sweet potatoes, squash and green beans.  She is quite the eater :)

Favorites: Natalie is such an easy baby to please.  Lately she is obsessed with her feet.  Now that she has found them, those little fat feet tend to spend quite a bit of time in her mouth so we just lay her on the back in the pack n play and she is happy as can be.  She also loves playing in her jumper and chewing on her Sophie. The little ham loves to put everything she can get her hands on in her mouth - especially cell phones - so we have been really cautious about what she has in her arms reach. 

MilestonesLast night when we were playing with Nat, she had her first giggle - like real giggle.  She has this goofy little noise she makes when she is happy, but last night was the first real laugh.  It was priceless.  Brandon and I could not stop laughing.  I cannot wait to figure out what really makes her giggle so we can get those belly laughs out of her.  She is rolling over more and more, back to belly and belly to back.  It's impressive and it's fun to see just how proud she is of herself when she does it! 

Big Moments
: We took our first plane ride and went to Florida.  She was perfect on the way there.  We had some hiccups on the way home, but overall the whole flying experience was fairly uneventful. I will post more about the trip later this week.

Looking Forward to: Now we're preparing for her first Easter and for her Nanny to come back for round 2.  Both are things we are quite excited about.  I cannot wait for Gary (Brandon's dad) to see how big Natalie has gotten.  He is going to just eat her up :)