Thursday, April 17, 2014

Five Month Favorites!

1. Disney Castle Teether.  When Gary and Lori bought this for Natalie for Christmas I thought it would be an eternity before I needed it, but I was wrong.  She has been playing with it for a couple months now, but lately she has taken a very serious interest in it.  They are a good size but not too big - easy to find when she throws them... which is one of her new favorite things - seeing just how far across the room she can throw things.  Brandon and I are too impressed with her strength to be upset haha

2. Boat shoes.  Those aren't her exact baby boat shoes, but they are close enough. I am in love with them.  You can see hers in the pictures we took with Stacey Gillin Photography.  I looked high and low for a simple shoe that would match most things she wears and then I found it, at babies r us, in the little boys section. Whatever.  All the shoes I could find for little girls were pink or glittery or had huge bows and/or flowers.  While those are adorable, I needed something I could put her in when she wears shorts and a t-shirt. They are a really great every day shoe for the little miss.

3. Fisher Price Superstar Step n' Play Piano.  My mom and I found this gem at a consignment shop in Florida.  I needed something that Natalie could play in for the week because after our first full day in Florida with my parents, I realized just how much time she spends in her bouncer at home and it was crazy.  The step n' play kept her entertained and contained.  It made evenings more enjoyable because she had somewhere safe to play and Natalie seemed to really enjoy it.  She was able to move back and forth along the piano keys and by the end of the week she was really good and spinning the chair around.  I was quite impressed by how strong Natalie is!

4, 5, 6. Easter Basket goodies :)  While I will write all about Easter on Sunday night (maybe Monday morning), I did want to have these things on my monthly favorites because I am in love.  I went to Target with my mom while she was in town to find a little something special for Natalie's first Easter.  I had given it a lot of thought and felt it was important that her parents do something special for her.  In the $1 section, I found the most adorable felt bunny baskets.  (The one pictured above is not quite the same as Natalie's but close enough.)  I knew that I wanted to get her little bows, an Easter bib and a few other little things (but not choking hazard little things).  The little felt basket was the perfect size for what I wanted to do.  The bows and bib pictured above are the ones that I ended up getting for Natalie's Easter basket and I am in love with how it turned out.