Thursday, March 20, 2014

Four months!

I say it every month, but every month it is true, I really cannot believe that Nattie is four months old.  How did that happen?  Where has the time gone?  She is such a sassy little girl and her personality is really starting to shine.  Brandon and I cannot get enough of her.

Last Thursday, on her actual four month day, she had her check-up.  The little girl is weighing in at 16lbs and she is a little over 25in tall.  I cannot believe how big she is!  According to the Infant Growth: What's normal? website from the Mayo Clinic, it is normal for babies to double their birth weight by five months.  Natalie has almost done that already!  I have no double the little peanut can gain 2lbs in a month and meet that statistic!  At the rate she is going, she will triple her birth weight in the first year and be right on target!  I could not be more proud :)

She has had such a big month!  She has gotten to spend time with both her Nanny and her Bibsy which has been so wonderful and seriously awesome.  The little girl is very lucky to have two wonderful grandmothers who are willing to put their lives on hold and come stay with us to help care for the little miss so that I can go back to work and we can save money before putting her in daycare.  Brandon and I are very lucky to have such incredible moms who are both so helpful and so excited to get to spend time with our little girl.  We really are incredibly blessed.  And having our moms cook our favorite meals isn't hurting either of our feelings, either :) 

As I mentioned, Natalie has had a big month.  On her three month day, we got to play in the snow as the area had another surprise foot of snow.  As much as I love a surprise snow day with my husby and my babe, I am definitely ready for nicer weather!  I am excited to take Natalie for walks and get her some fresh air and a little vitamin D!  The day after her three months, Natalie celebrated her first Valentine's Day and even had her first little valentine!  On the first of March she started sleeping in her crib full-time like a big girl, and I am pretty sure the transition to her crib was harder for me than it was for her! I also discovered baby big girl pajamas as I am calling them and I am obsessed.  She could not be any cuter in them!

This month should be a very exciting one as well!  This weekend, Natalie and her cousin Timmy (and possibly, Joie too) will be taking pictures with the very talented Stacey Gillin.  I am over the moon excited for that!  Natalie's Uncle TJ comes home from his extended work trip to Florida so it will be fun to see his reaction to just how big Natalie has gotten since he last saw her Thanksgiving weekend.  Then in two weeks, we will go to Florida for a girls trip to visit my parents for a week. Then during her week long staycation with Daddy, miss Nat will hit her five months.  Time is moving entirely too quickly!