Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three Months!

It's Valentine's Day eve and my little peanut is three months old already.  Seriously, where has the time gone?  I look at her newborn pictures sitting on my desk at work and I cannot believe how different she looks already.  She is really starting to lose that newborn look and each day I am amazed at how far we have come.

She is such a smart baby and she learns so quickly.  I am obsessed with milestones and love to see where Natalie falls in the scheme of things. I really like the developmental milestones section of the website which is sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  It clearly lays out where Natalie should be by three months and it is interesting to discover the things that she does that I didn't even realize she was doing.  It also has a nice section that explains at what point I should ask the pediatrician about the milestones that she hasn't quite met.  I am happy to say that so far, we don't have any of those :)

Three Month Milestones
Natalie has hit or is on the brink of hitting all of these milestones.  I think it's funny that she has, without a doubt, hit every social milestone and excelled in them!  She is such a goofy, chatty little girl.  She basically has entire conversations and sometimes I really do think that she understands what we're talking about and saying to her.  She has the most expressive eyebrows of any baby I have ever met and I cannot get enough of her.  She is such a strong little girl - always kicking and squirming around while being held or while her diaper is being changed.  The other day when I was changing her diaper she reached her little arm out and grabbed one of her toys that was near by and pulled it towards her.  I cannot describe that feeling of "OMG my child is a small genius."  I was so incredibly proud of her and so impressed.

It has been such a big month for her too.  She has been getting to spend lots of time with her Nanny and her Farge even made the trip down to see her this month too.  She has also gotten to spend time with Kerri and Emily, her Godfather, and the Nowlins.  It was a very social month for the little miss.  Also -big news!  My little peanut rolled over all by herself.  It's funny that something like that is something I am bragging about endlessly.  Also, today on her big three month birthday, miss Natalie is experiencing one of the biggest snow storms in awhile.  We're already at 15+ inches!  Brandon and I took Natalie out in it and she seemed completely unfazed but she looked absolutely adorable in her pink coat!

...I cannot believe I ever wanted a little boy :)

the little miss with her Nanny and Farge :)

..right before she used that noggin to roll over!

15+ inches of snow and counting!
She absolutely loves to play with Mr. Giraffe and has also started to develop an interest in Miss Sophie the Giraffe.  I sense a trend there :)  She loves her puppy Hank and definitely notices when he has bad gas.  She really does make the best facial expressions.  She loves to chew on her hands and I am expecting that she will find her thumb any day now. Natalie definitely recognizes people and it's sweet the way she lights up when she sees Brandon :)  I really am so proud of all the little things she has already accomplished and as cheesey as it is, I am so excited to see what she will learn in the next month.  She really is so smart and she learns things to quickly. Ugh - I am such a proud mom.