Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Third Month Favorites

1. Gap Paddington Bear Collection.  I grew up reading Paddington Bear so for Gap to come out with a line that includes one of my favorite childhood bears really made my month.  I love the footed pajamas and the steps to make a jam sandwich t-shirt.  It's perfect that I get to put Natalie in those Paddington jammies while reading her my favorite Paddington stories.

2. The Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub.  We got this as a shower gift and it is definitely wonderful now that the little miss is a little too big for her flower tub.  She loves bath time and it is so much fun.  This tub allows her to sit up and even splash a little which she seems to really enjoy as well.  I love that her tub is pink - I didn't love that at first but now that I am really embracing this whole girl thing, I am obsessed.  It can be found at Target and on Amazon. 

3. BreathableBaby Mesh Toys - Mr. Giraffe.  Natalie LOVES her giraffe.  It is easily her favorite toy.  She instantly lights up when she sees him.  Brandon and I often consider buying her the whole group (plus an extra giraffe in case Hank decides he wants to chew on the original)!  The toys are completely hypoallergenic and washable and totally affordable at only $7.99/toy.  You really cannot beat it.

4. Sophie the Giraffe. Thank goodness for Sophie.  She is a true friend to my drooly teething baby.  She soothes those little gums and her ears and head are the perfect size for Natalie's mouth.  She really enjoys chewing on poor miss Sophie. Sophie's neck is the perfect round size for Natalie to be able to get a really good grip too.  The poor giraffe takes quite a beating and is quite durable.  The fact that she squeaks is an added bonus... or annoyance since Hank seems to think Sophie is squeaking for him!

5. Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Play Gym.  This was a gift at my baby shower from one of my high school best friends, Kat.  I love this thing.  Natalie lays under it and has quiet play on an almost daily basis.  I love that she can entertain herself and work on her reaching and grabbing.  From my point of view - it's nice to be able to sit on the floor next to her while she plays, flipping through a magazine and making sure she is safe from the pups.  It allows me to recharge my batteries while making sure that she has some entertainment and educational stimulation. I am loving this stage with her :)