Monday, February 3, 2014

Hospital Bag Re-Do

Two weekends in a row, someone I know has given birth.  First it was Brandon's cousin Derek's wife, Nicole, giving birth to their son, Kyle.  This past weekend my friend Kris' wife, Daianna, gave birth to their son, Noah.  And pretty soon, my friend Rachel will be giving birth to their little girl, Isabella.  All of these babies make me think of when we were getting ready for Natalie and our birth plans and hospital bags.  Oh how foolish I was when I packed those bags.  If we have another baby, and right now that's a big IF, I will know better.

When I packed Natalie's bag - I actually did alright. I packed her coming home outfit which obviously we needed.  I packed a couple of blankets, which were nice to have on the way home since it was a cold day.  I also packed diapers and baby things that were completely unnecessary.  I didn't need to bring any diapers or wipes or ointments or powder.  The hospital happily provided all of those things for me. 

In my own bag, I had packed real clothes.  How foolish of me.  I wanted nothing but leggings, sweatpants and oversized t-shirts. I brought Natalie's baby book to get her hand/ footprints.  Not only did I not get her hand/footprints done - I still have not done them.  I know, I am terrible.  I brought her boppy with us so I could snuggle her in there and stare at her - nope, didn't use it once.  I brought the breast pump with us just in case - nope, didn't happen either.  I should have listened to more people when they told me not to do that.  I also packed a wide assortment of snacks that were amazing.  I created my own trail mix with M&Ms, granola, gold fish and mini-wheats and it was delish. I will say, I am also extremely happy that I brought flip flops for the shower and my own shower things.  It was nice having my face scrub and my shampoo.  It was nice to smell like me.  I was also happy that I brought a small travel toothbrush instead of my own because I definitely left that thing at the hospital.

The reality is - with the things I didn't need to bring for her and the things I didn't need to bring for me, I could have taken one much smaller bag to the hospital, but you live and you learn.  So for the (maybe) next time here is what I am thinking for the baby's bag:
  • a coming home outfit (with hat or headband if the next one is a girl)
  • a warm blanket for bundling for the car ride home (season permitting)
  • socks
And here is what I am thinking for my own:
  • slippers
  • flip flops for the shower
  • flip flops/uggs for going home - depending on the weather
  • leggings, sweatpants and t-shirts/long sleeve shirts
  • toiletries (shampoo, face wash, body wash, lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste)
  • snacks
  • phone charger
Like I said, we could have easily just brought one bag to the hospital for me and Natalie. You live, you learn.