Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blogger Makeover

Today I decided it was time to make some changes to the blog.  I have given this a lot of thought lately.  When I started blogging, I used the name simplymywedding.  When I got married and made the decision to continue blogging, it made sense to change the name of the blog to fromweddingtowife.  Now that Natalie is here, I feel like that name doesn't quite encompass what I am writing about.  As Blazey put it, "becoming the Wilkinsons is now relevant because you are now progressing into becoming a family and what happens when you become a family."  I mean, Natalie is part of my life as a wife, but she is so much more than that so I felt like I needed something a little more - hence the name change and face lift.

before the bling and baby :)

after the bling, before the baby (arrived)

Picking the name becomingtheWilkinsons was pretty easy.  I mean, a big part of becoming the Wilkinsons was getting married.  That's how I got my last name.  That's how Brandon and I became the Wilkinsons.  Going through fertility treatment to have a baby is just another way that we became the Wilkinsons.  And now that Natalie is here, I feel like we really are "the Wilkinsons".  It's an incredible feeling and it's really amazing to think about. Holy sappy hormonal moment - becoming a mom has made those moments far more frequent and twice as weird.

So why now?  Today I was reading my favorite family/mommy blog - little baby Garvin - and I read the best story about Harper.
In the midst of Harper & I both being sick this week, we made a little couch bed & snuggled for a while the other morning. I must have gotten sucked in to the entertaining episode of mickey because I totally forgot that I had set my full iced coffee on the ground next to us. When Harper finally decided she wanted to get down, she climbed off the couch & immediately punted my coffee across the living room. Before I could even sit up, she yells "oh no, sweetie! i got it!!" (she now calls Brandon & I "sweetie" because we call her that all the time), she takes off running to the kitchen & comes back with a single Boogie Wipe to clean it up. I couldn't stop laughing, I had to grab a bath towel since there was an ocean of coffee soaking into the carpet, but Harper just kept dabbing away. She surprises me every day with the new things she says & does, but this one totally takes the cake. 

That's when it really hit me - I am so excited for that age with Natalie.  I cannot wait to write about how my little family will grow and change, love and learn.  My blog name didn't really cover all of the things that I want to cover and the journey ahead of us - it just covered where I had been and we have a quite an exciting ride ahead of us.  I have loved each stage of Natalie.  I know she is only 2.5 months old, but that little girl has completely changed my world.  She has so much personality and spunk already.  I cannot wait to see her grow and learn.  She babbles so much that I day dream about the conversations she and I are going to have when she gets older. 

Lately people have asked me if I miss being pregnant or when we plan to have another one.  I don't know that we will have another one and if we do, if it will be anytime soon.  How do you tempt fate to try to create something as perfect as the one you have?  Natalie is so much fun and so sweet that right now I just want to focus on this stage of becoming the Wilkinsons and let life happen along the way.