Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Two Months!

Seriously - how is my little girl already two months old?!  Sometimes I feel like the last two months have flown by, other times it feels like she should be talking by now.  It's crazy to think to think I have been back at work, even though just part-time at first, for almost three weeks and am officially back full time now.

Yesterday was my last day of leave before I came back full time to work and it was a rough one.  Natalie had her two month check-up and her first round of shots.  Unexpectedly, the shots itself weren't so bad.  My little champ was so good!  She yelped a little when the shots were administered, but other than that, she was completely unfazed by the whole thing.  The doctor said I should begin worrying about the teenage years :) The rough part of the day came in the afternoon when she got a little gassy.  I have never seen my little girl in such discomfort.  Once she got the toots out, she was back to smiling and jabbering away.

I thought the transition to work would be very difficult, but knowing that Brandon was home with Nattie those first couple weeks made it so much easier.  I loved knowing that they were bonding and having daddy/daughter days.  They are forming such a special bond already and it makes me so incredibly happy :)  Back to my back-to-work experience, like I mentioned, deep down I thought maybe I would be sad and miss her all day.  The first day back was so busy, I didn't even really have time to miss her. In fact, on my way home I felt bad that I didn't miss her. I was so happy to be back at work and to be around my co-workers/friends that I felt almost selfish for enjoying that time away from her.  But like I said, it didn't hurt that Brandon was home AND he sent me pictures of Natalie all day, so I didn't really need to miss her - besides, I knew the peanut was having a wonderful time with her father.  I am sure if I had dropped her off with strangers in the morning I would have missed her but knowing she was home with Brandon and the puppies gave me a sense of security and calm.  Now we just need to see how things go now that Brandon and I are both back to work!  I am hoping I will keep the same calm!

As far as milestones go, Natalie has started to smile more and more which is so rewarding.  When I get her up from a nap or when I get home from work, she seems genuinely happy to see me.  There is no better feeling than seeing her face light up when she sees me.  It is so rewarding.  She makes such goofy faces and noises these days, too.  She has really found her voice. She is constantly cooing or grunting or generating noises in another way.  It kills me. She tries so hard to talk already so I know when she finally does start talking, she will be quite the chatterbox.
love this little outfit from Brandon's cousin Derek and his wife, Nicole :)

Natalie on her toy chest from her Nanny and Farge :)

Nattie and I on one of our last lazy days of maternity leave
We have also had a major victory in the last month - a very exciting victory, in fact - Natalie slept through the night on Christmas day :)  It was the best gift she could have given me.  Honestly, she is such a good sleeper so we really cannot complain in that department.  She does seem to prefer catnaps during the day though, but even still, I would prefer that over catnaps during the night!  We have also started to make the transition to her sleeping in her own room.  It was a tough decision, but she is such a loud sleeper that we knew it had to be done and so far she is handling the transition really well and, surprisingly, so are we.

We are a little bummed that the weather has foiled our plans of Natalie meeting more of Brandon's side of the family, but we keep making efforts and are hoping eventually something will pan out sooner rather than later.  We're hoping she will meet Bella before her second birthday and baby Kyle before his first. (I know baby Kyle hasn't been born yet, but you get my drift.) On the flip side though, she has been getting to meet more and more of the family that Brandon and I have made for ourselves - our close friends.  She got to spend more time with the Syes which is something I always enjoy.  And she has basically become a regular where Brandon and I work and is quite the little celebrity at both places.  She has such a great disposition and is such a sweet baby and everyone absolutely eats her up.

It is crazy to see how much she has grown and changed in just the last month. And it will be interesting to see how much more she grows and learns in the next month and also how much more Brandon and I will grow and learn with her in the next month.  Brandon's mom has come down to stay with us so that I can go back to work for real and so Brandon and I can put off putting Natalie into daycare for a little while longer.  While I know my mother-in-law is going to do a wonderful job, I am still anxious about the idea of Natalie being with someone who isn't Brandon or me all day. I am not anxious for Natalie's sake, she is such a good baby that anyone would love taking care of her and will have so much fun with her.  I am anxious for how well I am going to handle it! Here's to hoping I am a champ like my little babe.