Thursday, January 30, 2014

Second Month Favorites

Another month down, a new list of favorites!  

1. the Britax B-Agile Travel System.  The more Natalie grows, the more we go out and do things.  This travel system is AMAZING.  It is so easy to use and it really helps me to feel confident taking Natalie out and doing things by myself.  The car seat clicks into the base and you hear it click giving you the comfort of knowing that it really is in place.  It is so easy to put into the base and remove.  Then comes the stroller. It really is so simple.  You can set it up and take it down so easily and again the car seat just clicks into place and you're ready to go.  Once Natalie grows out of her infant car seat, the stroller is ready for the next chapter of her life.  I am absolutely obsessed.

2. the blooming bath flower.  When we brought Natalie home she was so small.  Ok, she was so small to us but in reality, she was quite a large baby.  The blooming flower made bath time so easy.  We just put it in the sink, put her in the flower and then give her a bath.  The flower is soft but cushioned so she is safe and secure and I am not worried about her bumping her head on the hard sink. At the end of the bath, we ring it out and hang it up to dry. It really is that simple. Natalie loves bath time and the comfort and security provided by the blooming bath really helps us to enjoy bath time too.

3. the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor. When we first got the monitor, Brandon and I played with it for hours.  It has two-way communication which allows you to talk to your crying baby... or talk to your husband who is putting things together in the nursery. The picture quality on this thing is top notch. It has really made the (very slow) transition of Natalie sleeping in her own room much easier for Brandon and me. I love love love this monitor.

4. Burp Cloths.  These are not just any burp cloths.  These things are amazing. A co-worker of mine, Jessica, gifted them to me at my shower and I have in turn gifted them to two more people.  Jessica's mom makes them and Jessica and her sister have tried to convince her to sell them on Etsy and if she ever does, her shop will definitely become one of my favorites.  Jessica gave Brandon and me six burp cloths at my baby shower and I have already told Jessica that I want six more.  They are seriously the best.  I have them in every room in the house and each diaper bag and in my car, just in case.  Jessica's son, Noah, is almost three and she still uses hers when he has a cold which is truly a testament to how well these things hold up.  Another co-worker of mine just had baby #2 and said the gift she most looked forward to was these burp cloths.  I have tried others, but nothing compares to these.

5. the Boppy.  Now that Natalie is starting to sit up, the Boppy is definitely coming in handy.  We can prop her up in the Boppy and she can really practice sitting on her own.  Natalie is really starting to develop great head control and the Boppy allows us to work with her. It is also really great for tummy time.  We can lay her on her belly with her chest on the Boppy and she will prop herself up.  She is already so strong.  It's so impressive.  I also like to lay her on her back snuggled into the Boppy so that we can work on her reaching and grabbing.  She is learning so quickly and I feel like every day she is doing more.  I am one proud mama.