Sunday, December 22, 2013


So I tried to blog weekly during my pregnancy about how huge I was getting and what was going on and how and what Natalie was doing while in utero and now I am going to make an attempt to do that with Natalie's life. We're going from #pregnancytracker to #lifetracker.  We'll see how it goes.  I figured I started my pregnancy blogging at 10 weeks, so I can start my Natalie's life blogging at 5 (and a half) weeks.  I will obviously still blog about myself because well it's my blog and I am shallow enough to think people really do want to know what is going on with me and life as a wife.

I am, not so secretly, obsessed with my child. Everything she does is the greatest thing ever and possibly the cutest thing to ever happen, ever. Her smile is adorable. Her fingers are adorable. Her toes are adorable. Her poop is adorable because it's her poop. I mean seriously, how did that happen?  How did I go from being the girl who took pictures of her adorable bottle of wine to the girl who takes pictures of her adorable child (sometimes while drinking that oh so adorable bottle of wine)? I am constantly taking pictures of her. I want to make sure I have a picture of her at every stage of her life. I am like "BRAAANDOOON - GET MY PHONE - SHE IS ABOUT TO SNEEZE!" I have become that mom.  Woof.  I try to keep it somewhat under-wraps.  I make people think I am not that mom by keeping it off of facebook, but whoever follows me on instagram knows how terribly that mom I am.

So right now, she doesn't really do much, but she is starting to do more.  She smiles and coos and we have daily staring contests which, for the record, I usually win. She loves her big ole Hank puppy dog and he is so sweet with her.  She and Gemma tolerate each other.  We'll see what happens there.  We have tummy time every day and sometimes she loves it and sometimes it sounds like I am letting Hank snack on her as opposed to having her simply lay on her stomach. She loves bath time and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite activities with her.  She is such a sweet girl and we really are blessed to have such a wonderful little girl. I can only imagine that having such a good baby will mean that we will seriously struggle with the teen years... woof.