Monday, December 23, 2013

First Month Favorites

In her first month(s) of life, I have found a few things that I am absolutely obsessed with. These things range from things that make my daughter cuter (I know, how is that even possible?), to things that I could not live without and things that Natalie seems to really love.

1. Cutebows4girls hair bows from Etsy.  I am in love with putting headbands on Natalie. I love simple little bows that give that extra little girly touch.  This Etsy shop has the cutest little headbands with detachable bows at a most budget friendly price.  What's not to love?!

2. Sleep sacks.  These things are amazing.  When we brought her home from the hospital, she loved to be swaddled.  Unfortunately, that lasted all of a week. Enter the sleep sack. She gets all the comfort of being swaddled, but her arms are free. She is always so content in her sleep sacks. The other day when I went to Babies R Us to see if they had more and they only 2 sleep sack designs in stock: gender neutral and boys.  I got both.  I am not above putting my daughter in a blue sleep sack.

3. The Rock n Play sleeper. I was told that this thing was going to be a lifesaver.  Everyone who said that was 6000% correct.  We were gifted a bassinet by a co-worker of mine who was moving her daughter into her crib.  Natalie has yet to sleep in it.  She wants nothing to do with it.  She loves her Rock n Play sleeper.  If she starts to fuss a little, I simply roll over and give it a little push and boom - she is gently rocking and drifting back to sleep. It's so easily portable too so I have been able to simply fold it up, throw it in the car and take it wherever I am spending my day (which is usually my sister's house).  I can easily move her from one room to the next without waking her - which has been nice in the morning when I want to take a shower.  I simply slide her into the bathroom and I can enjoy showering without constantly worrying about if she is ok because she is right there.

4. Bearington Baby pacifier clip.  This thing has been a lifesaver when we are out and about the the little peanut. She is in the stroller and starts fussing and we need the pacifier stat.  We don't struggle to find it because the pacifier is clipped onto this thing and the plush puppy head is so easy to find - so much easier to find than the pacifier itself (which she has usually managed to get under her). It's dark at night, she is a little fussy, I just feel around the Rock n Play sleeper for the puppy head and boom! Pacifier found and Nattie is quiet. This is easily one of the best gifts we have gotten.

5. The sprout baby app for iPhone.  This things is amazing.  The home page gives you daily helpful hints and tips about your baby and also a monthly overview of what to expect that month from your baby. You can track baby's milestones with pictures that can be exported into a .pdf file.  You can also track feedings (both breast feeding and bottles) and diaper changes (including types of diapers and the kind of poop baby is having). There is also a part of the app that tracks the baby's growth and doctor's appointments.  I absolutely love this thing.  You can also sync the app with another person's - so Brandon and I have the app synced so we always know when she was last fed and/or changed which helps since we split the night-shift with Natalie.

6. Gripe Water.  I had never heard of gripe water before Natalie was born.  Our newborn photographer told us about it so I picked some up at Walgreens. Natalie gets crazy hiccups and a little bit of gripe water helps get rid of them right away. It also helps with gas which our little tooty fruity gets quite a bit. It is rumored that it is also good for colic, but I have been very blessed with a happy baby so I can't speak to that.  And really, there is no real documented evidence of it's effectiveness, but it works for Nattie so that's good enough for me!