Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas with Nattie

So I have opted to condense all of Natalie's Christmas experiences into one blog post.  She had a lot of Christmas experiences this year because, well, it's her first Christmas and I am a lunatic.

Brandon and I took Natalie to meet Santa. Yes, at a month old she met Santa.  While we did get an adorable picture that cost a fortune (seriously - malls take advantage of parents, especially new parents, in a real cruel way), I know next year's picture (or probably the year after) will be the really good Santa picture.  You know, the picture where Santa is smiling and the small human looks like they are experiencing the most painful ordeal EVER. I LOVE those pictures. They are the best ones.  Anyway - we stood in line for an hour and a half and she met the big man.  He told her that she was welcomed to come visit him at the North Pole whenever she wanted.  

During that experience, I also learned that I am scared of Santa.  Not like really scared, but like a little bit.  I am terrified of people dressed up as mascots or characters in like the full creepy costumes and I thought I was ok with people who are dressed as Santa or other characters who aren't wearing masks/huge heads (you know, like the Disney princes and princesses) but turns out - even those people make me a little nervous. Ugh.

On Saturday (12/21) morning/afternoon, we celebrated Christmas with Brandon's family.  We told both sets of grandparents that we did not want them to get Natalie anything.  She will be 6 weeks old on Christmas day and really doesn't need anything and we really do not need more stuff to find a home for.  While my parents listened to some extent (they got her the 30th anniversary Cabbage Patch doll since it commemorates the year she was born and it stays in the box as a collectable which can be put in the closet therefore not creating a mess - yay!), I am pretty sure I could have relayed the same message to Hank with better results since it completely fell on deaf ears with my in-laws.  My mother-in-law, bless her heart, would buy Natalie the moon if she thought that is what Natalie really wanted.  Brandon and I completely anticipated this, so we did send them a small Christmas list of things Natalie could use eventually like teething rings, a toy box (monogrammed, of course), a bouncer and stacking rings thinking that Gary and Lori would get one or two of these items.  Between Brandon's parents and his brother, Natalie got everything on her Christmas list.  Good thing teethers are small and books can go on her bookshelf that her Uncle Evan built for her! 

Saturday evening, we celebrated Christmas with Natalie's Godfather, Greg, and his wife, Terra. (ps - that sentence is entirely too grown up/o-m-gee we're adults for it's own good.)  Greg and Terra came over to the house and we spent time together and enjoyed watching Home Alone together.  They got Natalie some of the cutest little sneakers I have ever seen, as well as some clothes to keep our little peanut fashionable and bibs to keep her clean.

So what did Brandon and I get Natalie for her very first Christmas?  Something she wants (a monogrammed beach towel from Pottery Barn Kids - what? She will want it when we go to the beach and I wanted her to have a monogrammed towel because I am a monogram snob), something she needs (a monogrammed piggy bank from Pottery Barn Kids - ok, I am obsessed with monograms, this isn't something new), something to wear and something(s) to read.  I think for the first couple years of a child's life that's a good mantra for Christmas gifts: 1 want, 1 need, 1 wear, 1 read. Honestly, I will be buying her things all the time, the only thing that makes that different from Christmas is that I am not going to wrap things the rest of the year.