Monday, November 25, 2013

Welcome to the world, Natalie Grace

It's so hard to believe that Natalie has been with us an entire week. Well, at this point longer than a week.  She really was what we were missing and in so many ways, she really does complete our little home.  

I am obsessed with our birth story.  I think that's in large part to the fact that when I tell it to moms and former L&D nurses, they all look at me like I am crazy.  We had the most picture perfect birth experience and I like to think it's because we had such a hard time getting pregnant.  Brandon and I left our house for the last time just the two of us at 4:15 in the morning.  I ate a poptart on the way to the hospital since I was too anxious to eat much of anything else.  We got to the hospital at 5:00 the morning of Wednesday, November 13th. I did the registration paperwork and by 5:30 we were in our room on the labor and delivery floor.  Room 17.  

At 6:30 in the morning I was at 3cm and we started the pitocin.  I didn't make progress very fast, so we broke my waters at 9:30.  By noon my contractions were picking up and my pain level was about a 4 and Dr. Masiky said the contractions looked rough and suggested I get the epidural. I thought I could keep going but Dr. Masiky made a valid point - there is absolutely no reason to feel pain in this process. The epidural was painless.  I totally expected this horrible pain and scary experience, but it really wasn't anything.  Some of my menopur injections hurt more than the epidural.  Dr. Masiky came in to check me around 2:30 and I was at 5 cm.  Around 3:00, Dr. Levy and Jordan called to check-in and see how things were going.  Yet another reason I love my boss and my team.  Dr. Levy said the way I was progressing, he thought I would probably deliver around 9.  I was already 8 hours into this process and feeling really great, so what's another 7 hours.  Brandon turned on the movie Shooter, one of my favorites, and I took a little nap. Yep - I took a nap.  Dr. Masiky came back around 5pm to check on us again and I was at 9cm. She told me that things looked good and we'd probably be pushing soon.  I didn't believe her.  Sure enough, at about 10 minutes to 6pm, Dr. Masiky said it was time to push. 

At this point, I was starving.  I had one goal - get this baby out and get something to eat. So when it was time to push, Brandon turned on Sports Center so I had some form of distraction. Dr. Masiky said first babies can take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours to deliver.  So I mentally prepped and Brandon promised that if I was still pushing at the 1 hour mark, he would turn on the Spice Girls. (That was my entire birth plan - push in the calm for an hour and if I was still pushing after an hour - I wanted the Spice Girls.) We pushed through 9 contractions and then, BOOM, Natalie was here :)  25 minutes after we started pushing, we had our baby.  It didn't feel real.  It was entirely too easy. Brandon cut the cord and they took Natalie to weigh her and check her stats and I just laid there.  I looked over at Brandon and he had tears in his eyes and I asked him why - he looked at me like I was crazy and replied "you just gave birth to our daughter". Huh - I guess I did.  

Natalie is here.  She is home with us and life is perfect.  We're learning and adjusting to life with each other, but it really feels like we found that missing piece.