Friday, December 13, 2013

One Month :)

I cannot believe that Natalie has been here for over a month and this is the first that I am really getting to blog about the little peanut.  I have been so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support that Brandon and I have received.  Between the hospital visitors and the friends and family who have come to visit her since she has been born, it's been so wonderful.  She really is one very loved little girl.  

Seriously though, beyond the mushy gushy, it has been such a crazy month.  From her birth to the first night in the hospital, then those first nights home, it really has been an adventure.
one day new :)

Natalie's first car ride... in Daddy's truck, of course
After two days in the hospital, we were finally given the green light to bring Natalie home and what a fiasco that was!  We had car seat issues so when we pulled away from the hospital, my little pumpkin wasn't even buckled in.  Parents of the year right here!  Thankfully the hospital has a quiet neighborhood across the street so we pulled down a side street and got Natalie all buckled in and cozy.  That was only the beginning of the madness.  When we got home, Hank and Gemma were very curious about their new friend.  

Snuggles with my three babies :)
Natalie's first bath :)
The first few nights were a struggle, but we pretty quickly learned her patterns and came up with a solid plan of attack.  Brandon has been absolutely incredible. Shocker, right?  He has been so supportive of my need for me time and he really is a wonderful father. I absolutely melt when the two of them fall asleep together or when he plays guitar for a fussy Natalie and she quiets right down to listen to him play.  
Seriously - tell me this is not the cutest thing ever :)

Her first month of life has been quite a busy one!  We celebrated her first Thanksgiving and she had her first black Friday shopping experience.  She has made several trips into SGFC with me to meet her Shady Grove family.  She even made a couple appearances at Ivymount to meet her daddy's co-workers.  And my favorite thing, is that she has gotten to spend quite a bit of time with her cousin, Timmy.  Michelle has kin guardianship of my nephew which has allowed both Natalie and me to spend time with him.  He is such a sweet little boy and he really loves his little Nattie.

Black Friday shopping :)

my mama and daddy with the little pumpkin :)

these two are my entire world - this completely makes me melt

me, Natalie (3 weeks) and Timmy :)
She is such a wonderful baby and she really has stolen so many people's hearts.  I am so excited to see what the next month with Nattie brings.