Tuesday, November 5, 2013

38 weeks!

Life has been pretty crazy the last week, so I am only now getting this up... don't judge me.
yes... I was as tired as I look
How far along: 38 weeks - holy crap. #thisisreallyhappening

Baby is the size of: a pumpkin :) how fitting for the week of Halloweenie

Weight Gain: ...do we really need to talk about this still?

Maternity Clothes: a little this and a little that. I have cleaned all of the donated and lent clothing items to be returned to the generous people who let me borrow them. I figure better to do that now when I still have the energy.  I have enough of my own things (thanks to Nydra giving me all of her maternity clothes to keep) to get me through the next two weeks or so (plus that time post-baby when my clothes still don't fit).  It's absolutely crazy to think about.

Symptoms/Labor Signs/Sleep: Unfortunately, the super sexy swelling has not gone anywhere and my hands are still in rough shape.  Ugh.  And to top it off, I have been having some Braxton Hicks contractions almost daily.  They are just lovely.

Food Cravings: Ice cream and shakes. I have been loving the cold beverages. I have been eating a lot of cereal lately - frosted mini wheat to be exact. 

What I miss: my rings. I am so ready to have them back on.  I am really hoping that my swelling goes down enough by time we do maternity pictures that I will be able to wear them then.  I am also really starting to miss sleeping on my stomach and know that I am so close to being able to do that again.

Movement: Yes. TONS. My mom has warned me that when she stops moving so much, it's probably very close to go time.  Part of me wants the movement to stop... a bigger part of me wants her to keep it up until at least November 7th.

Best Moment of the Last Week: I got to see a lot of my older sister and my parents which was really nice.  Brandon also made sure that I had a wonderful birthday complete with a pumpkin shake, a trip to the car wash, shopping trip to Khols, a three hour nap and pizza from Little Cesars.  I don't care who you are - that's romance.

What I/We are most looking forward to: I am really hoping that I can make it to the Turnpike Troubadours concert on November 6th.  We have the tickets and a plan for the dogs and I just really hope that Natalie does not arrive before then. Selfish, yes.  Do I care? No.  Brandon and I were just talking about it and he is adorably clueless.  He said regardless of whether or not Natalie is here, we should still go to the concert.  We could get a baby sitter.  I love how naive he is about this baby stuff sometimes :)