Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hospital Bags and Birth Plans

This past week my anxiety got the best of me and I packed our hospital bags.  Given that Natalie is head down and ready to go, and I am already 1/2 cm dilated and FULL TERM (woohoo!!), I figured it really couldn't hurt to be prepared for the big day!

Natalie's Bag:
Receiving blankets, coming home outfit with matching hat and headband (if I have a bald baby, I want it to be clear that I am bringing home a precious little girl), scratch mittens (that of course, match her outfit), diapers (I am told you are given some at the hospital - but I have packed newborn and size 1 in case I need one and they have the other), wipes (you never know) and I also packed a couple cute burp clothes that my friend Jessica gave me at my shower.  I have a nursing cover in my diaper bag already as well as nipple cream and nursing pads.  You can never be too prepared!
My Bag:
Toiletries (disposable razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, body wash, face scrub all in adorable little travel sizes - if I leave a travel size version of my favorite shampoo, I will be less upset than if I leave my bottle of shampoo at the hospital), boppy for nursing and bonding, pajama night shirts (both light weight and flannel) to wear instead of the hospital gown, leggings to wear with my pajama shirts, flip flops (to wear around the hospital and in the shower), nursing bras, roos, a couple nursing tanks, my very own comfy coming home outfit (maternity leggings and a long sleeve shirt).  I will be picking up some comfy socks/slippers to add to my bag at some point this week.  I also packed Natalie's baby book so that I can get her hand/foot prints done by someone who might not suck at it :) Rumor has it the nurses at the hospital are really good at it.  I also have some chucks that I took from work that won't be coming to the hospital in my bag, but rather will be in the car in case my water breaks - it will save us some money on detailing.

Pregnant Chicken has a great hospital packing checklist that I used and she also explains why certain things are awesome to have around.

Thanks to Pinterest, I found an awesome idea for the labor & delivery/postpartum nurses that I will encounter during this adventure. Little thank you bags with candy, hand sanitizer, chapstick, etc. Just a little something to let them know that we really do appreciate all of their hard work and know that without the nurses - this really wouldn't be possible.

In the last week or so, I have gone over in my head how I think this whole event will play out and what I want and what I don't want and it's so funny how much has changed since I first pictured this whole thing happening. If you asked me 7 or 8 months ago how I pictured my childbirth experience, I would have said that I want soothing music playing and my mom there coaching me and I want my husband there telling me how wonderful I am and I want all of my family and friends close by so that we could share in the birth of this child right as/after it's happening and I would want a peaceful environment and an epidural.  Flash forward to now and I want to seriously smack that girl in the face.

Now that it's closer, I want an epidural (ok, so that girl 7-8 months ago wasn't a complete idiot), party music (because I am that much closer to being able to drink pumpkin beers), and NO ONE in that room besides the doctor, the nurses and Brandon.  I want the first hours after my baby is born to be just Natalie, Brandon and me.  I don't want to share those first hours with anyone but the little family that I have made for myself. I want to be selfish. I honestly believe that I need to be selfish. Our lives are about to drastically change and I want to have some time just the three of us in that quite safe hospital room space because once we open the door to visitors (and bring her home to life with the pups), it becomes really really real... and I will have to share her and I don't know that I will be ready for that in those first few hours. I have had this small human attached to me and dependent on me for the last 37 weeks and while I am so ready to have her out of me (I am DYING to sleep on my stomach), I am not ready to have anyone else hold her and that includes Brandon (it's a terrible, terrible thing).  It's so funny how things have changed in my mind as this pregnancy has progressed.