Monday, September 23, 2013

32 Weeks and the Sye Wedding

Ok - so I don't have a 32 week post for your entertainment, but we did take the picture!

8 weeks to go!
Last week was a little bit crazy so I didn't really get a chance to write a post.  Work was pretty nuts last week and then Friday we left for Williamsport and Saturday was the Sye wedding that I have been anxiously waiting for and I will say, it was absolutely perfect.  The groomsmen all looked so incredibly handsome and the bride was gorgeous. I would use another word because gorgeous does not even do Terra justice, but I don't know another word.  Here are some pictures from the wedding :)
Mayne, Ant, Greg and Brandon - so handsome :)
the bridal party during pre-ceremony pictures

Terra was seriously stunning!

The first dance as husband and wife :)

My handsome husby - love that man to pieces 

A little pre-photo booth fun.

the boys
Stay tuned because tomorrow I will actually be posting the 33 week picture at 33 weeks!