Friday, September 13, 2013

31 Weeks!

So we didn't have a picture of 30 weeks - but I have a good reason.  My mom came into town last Wednesday for my baby shower and I have been go-go-go since the moment I picked her up from the airport.  Needless to say, I am beyond pooped. I have yet to recover from last weekend.  I need like a three day nap to get over this.
How far along: 31 weeks, 3 days [9 weeks to go - single digits!!]

Baby is the size of: a pineapple. YUM.  At our appointment with Maryland Perinatal on Thursday we were told that Natalie weighs 4lbs!  If we gain the typical .5lbs a week for the rest of the pregnancy, we're looking at around an 8lb baby. WHOA.

Weight Gain: At my appointment on Tuesday I learned that I am up 23lbs from when we started this journey.  Twenty-three pounds in 31 weeks - I think I am ok with this. I feel like I have gained like fifty pounds so seeing such a small number was a big boost to my self-esteem... or at least, it would have been if I had been awake enough to appreciate it. ALSO - my appointment was in the afternoon which means if I had gone in first thing in the morning, you know I would have been lighter... just sayin'

Maternity Clothes: yep... just about everything I wear is maternity.  I am very lucky though.  Last week... or was it two weeks ago... everything runs together these days... I got two clothing deliveries in the same day.  My friend Nydra gave me her maternity clothes and my friend Elizabeth dropped off another bag of fall apparel.  I will not go naked. Thank God.

Symptoms/Sleep: I have had a VERY easy pregnancy.  I did not have any morning/afternoon/evening sickness.  I never felt crummy. I slept a lot during weeks 6-8 but I was ok with that.  I haven't had the bloating, constipation, bad skin, etc that people tend to complain about.  I have had swollen feet which resolve themselves within five minutes of putting them up.  But in the last week I have developed pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome.  Lucky me, right?  I wake up and my hands are so stiff.  I have to open and close them a thousand times or sometimes run them under warm water before they feel normal.  It's only in the morning, so I can deal with that, and reality is, if that's the worst of it - I will definitely take it.  Sleep has been pretty hit or miss.  I either have REALLY awesome sleep or I toss and turn.  There are no in between nights.  Lately I have been so tired that I have been dead to the world... unfortunately, when I wake up, I do not feel well rested.

Food Cravings: Nothing really.  I haven't had much of an appetite for anything. On nights where I have no appetite, I find myself eating bland oatmeal for dinner just so that I get something in me. As much as I love all things pumpkin during the fall - I haven't had any desire to eat anything pumpkin.  Brandon is beginning to worry.

What I miss: waking up feeling well rested. I am sure when I catch up on sleep this weekend I will be singing a different tune.

Wedding Rings: I have my engagement ring on and my wedding band on my necklace.  The days with my engagement ring are limited though.  My OB said I need to keep a close eye on it. I have no doubt that the day I cannot wear my engagement ring will be an ugly one filled with lots of crying and cursing the world.  I basically had a beat Brandon to get him to give me the dang thing and I am freakishly attached to my rings so the idea of not wearing them devastates me.

Movement: I am carrying a monster. She is constantly moving.  At the OB appointment, Dr. Masiky was surprised at just how active she is.  Thankfully, the little girl maintains some semblance of a schedule and sleeps when I sleep for the most part.  Let's hope she keeps this routine up when she makes her grand appearance.

Best Moment of the Last Week: My baby shower was Saturday and it was wonderful... overwhelming, but wonderful.  It was so nice to see my family and Brandon's mom. The little girl is definitely quite set when it comes to clothes and supplies.  Brandon and I are very blessed to have such wonderful and generous people in our lives.  I also got to spend some quality time with my college girls which was really nice.  Also, last week we found out that our friend, Ilona, has accepted a position with Marriott headquarters and will be moving down here from NJ.  Needless to say, I am over the moon excited about that.  The last couple weeks brought only good news and good things which is nice.

What I am most looking forward to: sleeping this weekend.  My parents bought us a closet organizer for our anniversary and it is everything I have ever wanted and more.  Brandon promised me that he would install it this weekend so that I can rearrange our closet and organize it which makes me freakishly excited... but then a little bit sad because it's pathetic how excited I am about a new organizational system in the closet.  I am also REALLY looking forward to Greg and Terra's wedding next weekend.  It will be a little bit weird to be back in Williamsport at Lycoming while pregnant, but such is life. I have big plans for room service for breakfast and I am far too excited about it.