Sunday, August 11, 2013

I mean really... How soon is too soon?

If you know me, you know I am a total freak.  I love to have things planned and done way earlier than they really need to be done.  Before my freshman year of college, I was packed ready to go before August even rolled around.  It wasn't just because I was excited to go to college and get the hell out of my parents house, it was because I am a lunatic.  It didn't just happen my freshman year - it happened every year. I had things packed and ready to go very early.  Planning for the little girl has been the same.

I had the little girl's crib put together before my first trimester was even over.  In fact, I was 10 weeks pregnant when the crib was put together.  Brandon painted the nursery the perfect soft pastel mint green color that matched the nursery bedding before we even moved into the house.  More than that, I had the bedding picked out before I was even pregnant. I have been planning for this child long before I realized how hard it was going to be to have her.  Her nursery is complete - well almost, I am missing a window valance.  I went to Kohls to get it, but they didn't have it in store so I had to order it online.  It should be here before August 20th so we will have the nursery tour between now and then!  I have even started moving furniture around in our living room to make room for her pack-n-play and swing that we do not even own. 

I love feeling prepared. I love having things done and crossed off the list, especially when it comes to planning for the little girl. The scary reality of things is that I could go into labor at any time.  I have two co-workers that gave birth 6 and 7 weeks early.  The idea of that terrifies me.  While I have 13 weeks to go and I do not think I will go into labor early, I do want to have things ready to go in case - God forbid - I did.  Pinterest does not help this feeling at all.  I feel like in the last week I have pinned a TON of hospital survival kits, packing checklists - of course Jessica's from Little Baby Garvin is my favorite, and cute gift ideas for the labor and delivery nurses. What? I work with A LOT of former and current labor and delivery nurses and they are FABULOUS women and if the nurses I get are anything like them, then I definitely want the nurses who help to bring my little girl into the world to know just how much I appreciate them.

So today, when I was doing some nesting and cleaning in our bedroom, I was organizing all of our luggage and my purses and the question came up - how soon is too soon to pack our hospital bag?  Just this morning on our way to breakfast I was on a rambling tangent about how important it is to me that have the car seat installed by the time I get to 35 weeks. Yes - I am aware that 35 weeks is still 8 weeks (you know, 2 months) away, BUT given how jam packed the next 8 weeks are - I felt compelled to bring this to Brandon's attention. 

Seriously, the next 8 weeks are going to be nuts. Sunday 8/18: Newborn care and infant CPR classes and my little cousin Olivia's 4th birthday party. Saturday 8/24 Derek and Nicole's wedding reception. September 1st & 2nd: work. September 7: BABY SHOWER! woohoo. September 14: Michelle's 30th birthday extravaganza. September 15th: Bridal Shower. September 20-22: the Sye-Erway wedding weekend. September 27: Maternity Pictures. October 3: Brandon's birthday. October 4: Nowlin-Kakalec wedding. October 11: Garner-Gordon wedding. October 19: Brandon & my joint birthday/final fancy date night before small human arrives. October 26: my birthday. November 2: James-Doud wedding (which sadly I don't think we'll be able to attend given how close it is to the due date). Did I say the next 8 weeks would be crazy? I meant 12 weeks. 

That being said - when am I going to have time to pack bags?! So now we're back to the question - how soon is too soon to be prepared?!