Friday, August 23, 2013

28 weeks!

How far along: 28 weeks

Baby is the size of a: large eggplant... about 2lbs 4oz (WHOA) I also read that she is the size of a Chihuahua (16 inches long, 2+ lbs)... so I am basically carrying a much skinner Gemma. Yikes.

Weight Gain: On Tuesday at my appointment they told me I have gained 18 pounds since the beginning of my pregnancy.  Not too shabby. 18 pounds in 28 weeks. I am still shy of the 20-45 lbs I was told it was possible for me to gain, so I am trying to remain calm and optimistic that I won't put on too much more weight.

Maternity Clothes: I am starting to get excited about fall maternity looks and what I am going to wear for our maternity pictures at the end of September. I am going to D Torr in Madison, NJ this weekend to check out what accessories Danielle has in and if any of those are a "must-have" for maternity pictures... and my life in general.  I am also starting to worry about post-baby fall maternity looks. 

Symptoms/Sleep: I write this as I have my feet kicked up on my desk at work (so professional) to help with the swelling.  That is still my major complaint - the super sexy swelling.  I haven't had much of the heartburn that I so desire (because I believe in the old wives tales - even though they haven't been so accurate for me - and I hear heartburn = full head of hair). My lower back kills me on certain days, other days it's a non-issue.

Food Cravings: I have been really interested in sweet things... but I think that's because I had been trying to avoid them before my glucose screening test.  And of course, as soon as I start to avoid them - all sorts of sweet things are pouring into the office.  What the hay. I have also been a HUGE fan of pb&j sandwiches.  Uncrustables are the best thing to ever happen to my life.

What I miss: Being able to sleep through the night without peeing. Being able to make it until lunch time without peeing. Really - not peeing every 45 minutes to an hour. I also really miss sleeping on my stomach.

Wedding Rings: UGH. So I was making snickerdoodles over the weekend (like I said - I have been very interested in sweet things) and I wanted to take my rings off so that I didn't get anything gooey or sugary in them when I was rolling the dough in the cinnamon sugar and I could not get my wedding band off.  It look me forever to get them off. So now I am down a ring. I feel like one of those girls on "16 and pregnant" (I have been watching A LOT of "16 and pregnant" this week - it's totally my guilty pleasure) who gets a promise ring from her boyfriend because he feels guilty that he knocked her up and they aren't married yet.  I meant to add my wedding band to my necklace, but got sidetracked by cookies fresh out of the oven and didn't put my ring on my necklace until this morning.

Movement: She is moving tons and the little angel seems to most enjoy playing near my rib cage.  She gives me the most uncomfortable feeling there, but it's nothing a little push doesn't deter her from doing... for all of 2 minutes and then she is back at it.  Sunday night I was laying on the loveseat and Hank was sitting next to me.  She was kicking and they were the kicks you can see on the outside.  Hank was so intrigued so he used his nose to push at my stomach.  The little girl responded with more kicks and Hank responded with more nudging.  It was the sweetest interaction I think I have ever witnessed.  Sometimes I really think that big mookie boy understands what is happening.  She also REALLY responds to Dr. Levy's voice.  He and I were meeting yesterday and he was doing quite a bit of talking and she was doing quite a bit of moving.  It's almost like she knows just how important the man is with regards to the fact that she is here.

Best Moment of the Last Week: Well that moment with Hank definitely ranks up towards the top of the list.  On Saturday, Brandon and I went shopping for the baby to get her some sleepers for the winter so I could feel better about being ready to bring her home.  When we got home, Hank wanted to see every single item we purchased so one by one I took them out for him to see.  When I got to the pair of booties he smelled them and gave an approving look.  Gemma wanted to smell them too so I put them at her level and she bit the bootie and tried to pull.  Before I could say a word, Hank swatted her in disapproval. Like I said - sometimes he really seems to get it.  Also, Brandon and I had our newborn care and infant CPR class on Sunday where I learned that Brandon has NEVER changed a diaper before. How is that even possible?! Naturally, he was a champ.  He also learned how to swaddle and he is totally the swaddle master.  He practiced his skills on Gemma when we got home. 

What I am most looking forward to: Derek and Nicole's wedding reception this weekend! I am SO excited to see their new home, celebrate their wedding and all the other good things happening for them! They are an absolutely perfect couple and they deserve nothing but happiness.