Thursday, August 15, 2013

27 weeks!

How far along: 27 weeks, 2 days [which by normal people's standards is the beginning of the third trimester.]

Baby is the size of: a rutabaga... right...

Weight Gain: Not quite sure... I have my glucose screening test next week and I am sure they will tell me then how much weight I have gained throughout this process, but I like to maintain that I am ALL baby.

The bump and belly button: are their usual weird selves. Some days the bump seems to be reasonable in size and then sometimes it's like WHOA hello friend. On Monday I felt like I was absolutely enormous and then yesterday I looked much smaller. So weird.

Maternity Clothes: Still a healthy mixture of both. On Monday when I was totally bumping, I was in all pre-pregnancy clothes. Some things fit better than others, which is totally to be expected.  With the weather getting cooler, I need to break down and invest in some maternity jeans. 

Symptoms/Sleep: Some days are better than others when it comes to the super sexy swollen feet. That seems to be my major complaint.  Dr. Chipp the chiropractor told me some awesome exercises I could do to help with the pressure on my lower back and Brandon has been really wonderful about massaging my lower back to help relieve some tension.  I am sleeping well.  I have been waking up really early but I don't think that has anything to do with pregnancy - that's just my excitement about getting to work... right.

Food Cravings: The only night I really wanted an over easy egg on a burger.  I am VERY lucky that my husband just rolls with the cravings.  He made me the most delicious burger ever. He is the best :)

What I miss: nothing this week.  Clearly I haven't seen any awesome bar specials this week.  We went out last week to celebrate Monica's birthday and I had a glass of red wine sangria at dinner so I didn't miss out on anything and it was SO delicious. 

Wedding Rings: still on :) we are going strong with this one!

Baby Names: Come November, Brandon and I will be bringing home our little Natalie Grace. 

Movement: she is one active little human. She is constantly moving it seems so when I don't feel her, I do get a little worried, but I have yet to get worried to the point of calling the doctor.  People have asked me if she goes right to sleep after a glass of wine and it's just the opposite.  After I have a glass of wine it's like the little girl is dancing.  I love it.  I am taking it as a sign that she loves wine like her mommy :)

Best Moment of the Last Week: Finding the perfect pink for the nursery.  I didn't want it to look like the coated stomach in the pepto commercials , but I didn't want the nursery to be completely neutral.  I wanted just the cutest little touch of pink and I found it in her window valance.  It's perfect.  It is something that she won't outgrow anytime soon which was really important to me.  I didn't want her room to be too "baby".  I wanted the nursery to have a theme, but I didn't want it to look like the theme threw up in there.  I also didn't want it to be something she would out grow anytime soon.  I think we did a good job of getting it just right.

What we are most looking forward to: I am pretty excited about our classes on Sunday, but I am MOST excited about celebrating Derek and Nicole's wedding next weekend!  I am so incredibly happy for them and all the really awesome things that are happening for them in the last year and in the year to come.