Thursday, August 8, 2013


How far along: 26 weeks, 2 days... and according to my OB/GYN, we are officially in the third trimester! HOW INSANE IS THAT?! Also, we have hit double digits until my due date. This week seems to have quite a few small human/pregnancy milestones! 

Baby is the size of: a head of lettuce.  She is about 14 inches long and can weigh anywhere from 1.5 - 2.5 pounds... I am hoping we are leaning more towards the 1.5 lbs :)

Weight Gain: I do not keep track of this from week to week, otherwise I would drive myself mad.  As of my last appointment I had only gained 15 pounds and I am ok with that.  Brandon and I have been doing a lot of walking and activities to keep me active so I feel really good and that's what is most important to me. On Monday we went fishing and we did quite a bit of walking around the lake.  It was awesome to have a day off with him :)

The bump and belly button: are still weird. The bump looks good - some days I feel like it's my best accessory... Other days I feel like this thing is enormous and I want it this whole thing to be over with.  I hate saying that out loud though, I don't want to wish my pregnancy away.

Maternity Clothes: a mixture of both still.  It's nice. I love my work maternity pants. 

Symptoms/Sleep: The only real symptom I have is swollen feet and that's only some days.  I haven't had any fake labor or anything cool like that. OH! I have been getting more heartburn lately which makes me happy which sounds crazy.  But the old wives tale says that heartburn means a full head of hair and I would LOVE for her to be born with as much hair as I had!  Brandon was a bald little baby for so long and I always had lovely luscious locks of hair... not to toot my own horn or anything.  Sleep has been pretty decent.  Some nights I sleep really well, other nights I sleep ok and then some nights Hank makes sure I have absolutely no sleep whatsoever. 

Food Cravings: I can't say I have really had any during the last week. I have been eating lots of fruit and could always go for some watermelon, but I don't crave it. I just eat it when we have it which has been just about always lately.

What I miss: MARGARITAS.  Brandon and I passed a place that has $1.99/margaritas on Mondays. Guess where I will be the Monday after the little girl is born?! :)

Wedding Rings: still on and still feeling good :) I keep a very close eye on my salt in take so that I can keep wearing them. 

Baby Names: As you know, we know the name :)  I plan on doing a nursery tour on the blog in the coming weeks and since her name is on the wall, the cat will be out of the bag then.

Movement: there has been TONS.  On Sunday she was in a particularly feisty mood.  I love being able to see her move - we just get punches every now and then, I am waiting on the alien moment that I hear of where you can see her hand/arm/foot whatever move across the belly.  I am not sure that I am ready for that one!

Best Moment of the Last Week: DEFINITELY our childbirth class.  Childbirth and Babies does a REALLY awesome job with their childbirth class.  Brandon and I left there feeling really good.  It wasn't overwhelming which is what I almost expected. It was a nice pace and covered a lot of information in just enough detail and then we were given a book that really covered the rest of the details.  It was so well done. The instructor of the class, Emma, told Brandon and I after the class that we seemed to have a really good grasp on things and had realistic expectations about the whole childbirth experience. It made me feel good to hear that from someone who clearly sees a lot of expecting parents.  I also really enjoyed my day off with Brandon. We went fishing at Greenbriar State Park and while we didn't catch anything, I beat him in a cast off competition and I got to spend some quality time with that wonderful husby of mine :)

What I am most looking forward to: this week being over. It's been pretty friggin brutal at work this week and I work on Saturday so this is going to be a long week. I am also looking forward to our newborn care class that is coming up on the 18th.