Wednesday, July 24, 2013

24 Weeks!

Between Florida, work and then turning around and heading to Williamsburg, I didn't quite get a chance to post last week about the pregnancy.  Holy crap has it been busy and it doesn't look like life is going to really slow down any time soon...

How far along: 24 weeks - 6 MONTHS! On Tuesday, Jordan and I celebrated viability day! Basically, once the baby gets to 24 weeks, the NICU can work miracles and help a baby who is born 16 weeks early. So while I would obviously love to make it to 40 weeks and deliver on 11-12-13, it's nice to know that we have crossed a major hurdle when it comes to the safety of the unborn babe :)

Baby is the size of a: cantaloupe. YUM.  She is also the size of a $5 footlong.

The bump & belly button: are not looking nearly as scary as I would have thought by now.  Some things I wear make me look crazy preggers, then some things I wear minimize the size of the bump.  I was told over the weekend when Michelle and I went to Motherhood Maternity that the way my t-shirt fit looked like the way the shirts fit on the mannequin and I was carrying like one of the "I wish my pregnancy looked like that" mannequins.  Needless to say, I am holding on to those compliments as long as I possibly can!  That little ego boost definitely made getting dressed this morning a whole new experience!

Maternity Clothes: I am officially rocking the maternity work pants and I am in love.  I have gotten so many compliments on them and they feel SO good.  It's nice to look like a real person when pregnant and to FEEL like a real person when pregnant.

Symptoms/Sleep: Holy Swollen Feet.  They don't happen all the time - just when I sit for too long or when I am in the extreme heat for too long. On Friday, after being in the car for over 5 hours, my feet were balloons. Not pretty. Sleep has been wonderful when I have the snoogle.  This weekend my sleep was a little questionable, but clearly I survived. Oh! And I still have leg cramps in the middle of the night.

Food Cravings: I don't think that I crave things, but I have favorite things that I have been eating more of than usual, if that makes sense.  I have been loving fruit the last week or so and coconut. I had a sub from Continental pizza in Kensington last week and would be happy to eat one every day forever, so maybe there is a craving (however, this was pretty much the case before I got pregnant too)... but I won't do anything about it because I am not so desperate for one that I am going to drive to Kensington to get it. 

What I miss: nothing this week.  I am able to have the occasional glass of red wine and that's the only thing I think I would really miss around now.  The closer it gets to fall though, the more I realize that pretty soon I am going to be missing my favorite fall beers.  Thank goodness I just have to make it to middle of November and then I am partake in some of my favorite fall treats: spiked apple cider and Jack's pumpkin spice beer.

Wedding Rings: on :) I am very conscious of this and make sure to do things to avoid having to lose my ability to wear my rings.  I feel terrible without them on.

Baby Name Ideas: we know the little girl's name and I plan on buying the letters this weekend for Brandon and I to hang :)  Very excited to get her name on the wall.  Just a few more weeks until we announce it!

Movement: there has been tons.  She is a very active baby when she wants to be. I love when people get to feel her kick. Michelle got to feel her over the weekend which was exciting for both of us :)  The other night while we were laying in bed, not only did Brandon get to SEE a big kick, he got to FEEL a big kick too.  I loved the "holy shit" reaction he had with his huge blue eyes that really said it all.

Best Moment of the Week: I have had a few of them... The compliments from the lady at Motherhood Maternity were a highlight (of not just my week, but really my pregnancy - sometimes compliments just mean more coming from strangers because they don't have to tell you that you look good). I got a lot of compliments on my maternity pants, so that makes me feel good too. And the rep from Prosperity pharmacy told me that I look tiny for 24 weeks, so that also inflated my ego.  Hmm.. sounds like most of my highlights are vain and shallow. Let's not get too judgey about it... I am totally ok with it.

What I am most looking forward to: my upcoming 4 day weekend! I have to work on Sunday 7/28 and on Saturday 8/10, but it's totally worth it to have four days off where the only thing on our plate is our childbirth classes. I am also really looking forward to installing the new light in the kitchen, hanging the little girl's name on the wall in the nursery, organizing the pantry and rearranging the furniture in the basement and the living room... ahhh the nesting as officially begun :)