Friday, July 12, 2013

22 weeks!

Hello from my parent's kitchen in sunny Florida!! Little girl had her first plane ride and I think she did quite well... especially considering she wasn't able to scream and cry on the plane (one of my biggest fears for future travel with the small human), at least not and be heard by anyone/anything except my internal organs.  You'll have to forgive the lack of chalkboard and picture this week. However, I promise to post pictures from the trip!

How far along: 22 weeks, 3 days.

Baby is the size of: a Papaya!  OR better yet... a barbie!! She is about 10.5 inches long and can weigh anywhere from 12.7 to 20.8oz... I am not going to lie, I am really praying she is closer to 12.7 at this point.  I am not trying to push out a 10 pound baby in just 18 short weeks.  
Here's to hoping she is less of a diva than this Barbie doll...
The Bump & Belly Button: the bump is definitely bumping. It has really popped in the last couple weeks - holy crap. I am quite thankful that my belly button is still looking like a belly button... this week anyways.

Maternity Clothes: a little this, a little that, but while I am in Florida I plan to hit up the motherhood maternity outlet and get some pants.  I need to just break down and do it.

: Biggest pregnancy "symptom" right now is that whole peeing what seems like every five minutes thing.  Good gracious. As far as sleep goes, thanks to the snoogle I am able to get some really awesome sleep... you know, besides that whole waking up in the middle of the night to pee thing.  Oh! And the leg cramps - holy leg cramps at night. It is unreal. These are the things people really don't tell you about.

Food Cravings
: I still can't say for sure that I have had cravings of any kind.  I have had a sweet tooth this week, but only for certain things.  I would really love a magic bar with the chocolate chips and the coconut, but not to the point where I would go out of my way to get one or be upset if I don't get one.  I may forget... however, if Monica decided she wanted to make them, I wouldn't be opposed to eating one... or seven.  Yesterday, my dad (who knew I had been craving coconut) got me some coconut fudge ice cream that I am dying to get into.  I am sure I will let you all know all about it when I do...

What I miss: this past weekend at the family crab feast, I missed an ice cold Coors light. They looked so dag-gone refreshing. I am sure being in Florida, I am going to miss being able to partake of the cocktail hour because my dad can make a mean margarita... and pina colada... and daiquiri... and really any drink known to mankind.

Wedding Rings: welp, it's happening. my rings are getting tight. My engagement ring is still on and feels great. Last night though, I had to take off my wedding band and put it on my necklace because my fingers were so swollen :( I blame the four mile walk yesterday moning... my fingers just never quite recovered from that point on! I was ok with that though because my calf muscles look good! (Vanity is a terrible thing.)

Baby Name Ideas: we have her named picked out :) just a few more weeks until we announce it!

Movement:  The little girl is moving like crazy and last night I saw her kick from the outside for the first time - holy crap! That was insane - I cannot wait for Brandon to see it happen!

Best Moment of the Week: on Tuesday I got free lunch at Qdoba and that was pretty awesome... definitely one of the best moments of my week, having lunch yesterday with my parents and a beach view was also pretty wonderful too. Best of all, I think has been getting to see my parents and spend some time with them.

What we are looking forward to
: Michelle and I will be in Florida for another 4 days and I am really enjoying seeing my parents and their friends (especially their neighbor Joanie) and getting to spend some quality time with them.  I am a little anxious about being away from Brandon while I am this hormonal/emotional, but thanks to face-time I think I should be able to survive... at least I hope so.