Friday, May 31, 2013

16 weeks!

Another (two) week(s) of being a terrible blogger... but I have a good excuse this time.  I know, I know, excuses are like a-holes, everyone has one.  But seriously - I have been sick and not wanting to take a picture when I look like Ruldolph... did I say good reason? I meant, I am vain and if we have to document my weight gain, I at least want to look like a human and not the friend who was asked to guide Santa's sleigh... I promise to take pictures this weekend of our super romantical adventure in Annapolis to make up for it :) 

How far along: 15 weeks  16 weeks  

Baby is the size of: a navel orange A grenade :) [what? not a baby friendly equivalent... oh well... I like it better than the 16-week avocado.]

Total weight gain/loss: no idea, but I have an appointment before week 17 so I am sure I will have news to report then.  

Symptoms: I don't think really anything glaring... these things are starting to slow down.  

Food Cravings: I am loving anything with vitamin C... but maybe that's because I was sick, not because I am pregnant.  I have developed a LOVE of bacon.  Before being pregnant, I would maybe have bacon on a sandwich or crumbled into an omelet, but I would never go out of my way to order bacon.  Well, when I work weekends/holidays I treat myself to Starbucks breakfast for being so a good worker and I am IN LOVE with their bacon, egg and gouda sandwich. And last weekend Brandon took me out to Sunday brunch at Dutch's Daughter and I got bacon there too.  Weird.

What I miss: life without the sniffles. Hmm that has nothing to do with being pregnant... not yet anyways. I am told that's something I have to look forward to, yay :/

What I am looking forward to: FINDING OUT GENDER! We tried this past week and little Dub was just not cooperating enough for us to know.  We scanned again this week and we just couldn't tell for sure... However, I am thinking we should know in the next couple weeks :)  

Gender Predictions: I am standing firm with mama's boy.  I have not lost hope for a girl - but I am still holding strong to the idea of boy.  Turns out, I want a boy.  We were told during a recent ultrasound that we're leaning towards girl but can't say for sure 100% and I was disappointed.  OH MY GOD.  My co-workers were just as surprised with my disappointment as I was.  We were all really convinced that I did not care one way or the other, but apparently we were wrong.  I know, regardless of what Dub ends up being, I will love this baby, but it's interesting how the cookie crumbles.

Maternity Clothes: Much like the last couple weeks, I am wearing them, but not out of need as much as I love dresses and I have a ton of maternity dresses. HOWEVER! I did buy a belly band and have been wearing that with my pre-pregnancy pants and that thing is SERIOUSLY life changing.  I highly recommend them to everyone - pregnant or not!  

Wedding Rings: Still on and loose :) I don't know what I am going to do when they don't fit anymore :(  

Movement: Not feeling anything yet, but I am told we're getting close - especially after seeing the ultrasound the other day! That little babe is wiggling and moving something serious in there.  

Best Moment of Last Week: hmm this isn't pregnant related, per say, but Brandon and I are tearing apart the basement to get it more family friendly for the baby! EEK!  Last Saturday while I was working Brandon sent me a picture of what's under the horrible pee-stained, ugly, blue carpet... TILE! Lovely tile! I have never been so excited to see tile.  We were totally expecting concrete. Talk about the most pleasant surprise :) On Sunday we finished ripping out the carpet and this weekend plan to do some rearranging, deep cleaning and maybe a little wall patching/decorating :)  I will post some before and after pictures of the basement as we progress!