Saturday, May 11, 2013

13 Weeks!

So I know this is late, but better late than never!  We didn't get a chance to do our weekly picture this week.  It's been one very crazy, very busy week!

How far along: 13 weeks, 4 days

Baby is the size of: Georgia Peach (yep, you'll have to suffice with that picture instead of a weekly bump picture... I promise to be better next week!)

Total weight gain/loss: down 5 pounds! but I think that is just water weight since from Friday - Tuesday I couldn't eat solid foods thanks to my horrible toothache/root canal!  

Symptoms: I haven't been having as many crazy dreams, but I am starting to have some cravings.  I am dying for oranges and clementines. Yum! 

Food Cravings: Oranges and clementines!  

What I miss: my clothes fitting properly.  Seriously - I am in that weird, is she gaining weight and pudgey stage or is she pregnant?!  

What I am looking forward to: finding out the gender of baby Dub.  I am told that a sonographer I work with can tell as early as 14 weeks... something to think about :)  

Gender Predictions:  This week I am back to boy... I think. I mean, I just do not know.  I don't even know which I would prefer. What? Like you preggers out there don't have a preference. Be serious. No matter what anyone says "I just want a healthy baby" could totally be followed up by a gender.  I read an article recently that said it's normal to have a preference and you should admit it.  And when you find out, it's ok to be a little bit disappointed too because the reality is that you are still going to love that child and that child is still going to change your life in so many ways regardless of the gender.  Sometimes I want a boy.  Sometimes I would so much rather a girl.  I know Brandon wants a boy because he wants to have a little buddy for baseball and fishing (not to say a little girl can't play baseball and/or fish), but I know that a little girl would have him completely wrapped around her little finger. He just knows what to do with boys, so he is more comfortable.  That's NORMAL.  I don't even worry about it.  After already having one of each (in furry form), I am happy to add either to the family, but today I think I would prefer a little girl. has some REALLY cute NY Yankees stuff for little girls right now :)  

Maternity Clothes: I am wearing some shirts, mostly to hide my weird fat or pregnant look than anything else. 

Wedding Rings: Still on and still loose! YAY!  

Movement: Nope, but we're getting close!  

Best Moment of the Last Week: WARNING: THIS IS SELFISH.  The best moment was not hearing my baby's heartbeat during the ultrasound (I know I am horrible), it was hearing the OB tell me I had lost five pounds. After struggling with an eating disorder for so many years, this weight gain has been affecting me in a very harsh way (which I will blog more about later) so knowing that I am maintaining/eating healthy/losing weight was a nice little boost to my self-esteem that has been taking some hits lately as my clothes start to fit in the weirdest ways.