Monday, April 1, 2013

The IVF Cycle Breakdown, Pt 2

This post was written in real time - each day was written as it happened and was saved to be posted at once.  It's an over-whelming process to go through, so I am sure that reading about it is just as exhausting!

Thursday, February 14th: Ahh Valentine's Day. Nothing says "I love you" like a morning shot of Ganirelix!  So we increased my dose of menopur and decreased my gonal-f yesterday and today things look really good.  My estrogen nearly doubled overnight and was sitting pretty at 1475.  I had 10 decent sized follicles on my left, and 10 on my right.  We started to take bets on when I would have my retrieval.  Donna from Dr. Sagoskin's team thinks Sunday, Jessica from Dr. Chang's team thinks Monday and Jordan thinks there is a 65% chance that I could go on Tuesday.  Dr. Levy reviewed my results and decreased my menopur a little bit.  He thinks my estrogen will be close to 22oo on Friday.

Friday, February 15th: Another morning dose of Ganirelix.  Today my follicles are even bigger.  It's absolutely insane how much they change overnight!  My estrogen went up to 1882, which isn't as high as Dr. Levy thought it would go, but is still a good rise.  Dr. Levy opted to keep my medications the same, which was ok with me.  Exciting part was that my mom would be at my house pretty soon after I got home and I was THRILLED to have her there.  It's nice to have my mom around when I am going through this stuff.

Saturday, February 16th: Since my mom was in town, I decided it might be best to drag her to one of my appointments.  While I am sure this was somewhat traumatizing for her, I wanted her there.  It was cool for her to get to see the follicles and the sonographer did a fabulous job explaining to her what things were and how the appointment was going.  It also made me happy that Dr. Levy was monitoring and that my mom got to see the man in action.  As much as I cringed at the thought of Dr. Levy being in the room for my appointments, the hormones make me emotional and attached to him.  Now, I really love having him there - it's so reassuring and comforting.  He thinks one more day of medications before we trigger - WOOHOO! My estrogen jumped to 3631 and I am starting to really feel my ovaries - holy crap.  Thank God, Dr. Levy decreased my medication dosage.

Sunday, February 17th:  My last monitoring appointment before the big day... well, just kidding, but it's the last appointment with an ultrasound before the big day!  Today my biggest follicles on the right were 26.4, 24.7, 19.4 and 19.0.  The biggest follicles on the left were: 21.1, 21.0, 20.1, and 20.0.  And I really have about 30 follicles that could go at retrieval.  Thanks to Dr. Levy's dosing yesterday, my estrogen only went up to 3692.  Now it's just a waiting game for the trigger times - what time will I need to take my Lupron and what time will that make my retrieval on Tuesday?! (Yep, Jordan was right!)

Ok - the final verdict: trigger at 9:15 pm tonight (2/17) for a retrieval at 9:15 am on Tuesday morning.  Here goes nothing!