Friday, April 12, 2013

The Big "T" and I'm not talking about my cousin Teresa

The morning of my transfer felt like a normal Sunday morning. There didn't seem to be anything special about this day. We got up, we showered, we yelled at the dogs - nothing unusual. Nothing unusual, until we got into the truck to drive to Rockville for the embryo transfer anyways.  It seemed weird to be driving to the my workplace on a Sunday, even though I had done it so many times before.  Maybe it was because this time when I was on my way there, Brandon was with me.  Or maybe it was the fact that it was light outside.  Or maybe, just maybe, it was the fact that I was going to have an embryo placed into my uterus that could potentially become our first born child.  Hmm, yep, maybe that was it.

We arrived on the forth floor to be greeted by a friendly face, Teran.  I work with Teran on a daily basis, so it was comforting to have him there as opposed to the other weekend PSR (patient services representative) that I don't know.  A pro of having Teran at the front desk - I could look over his shoulder at my chart to see how my embryos were developing.  If someone I didn't know was there - there was no way he/she was going to let me look over his/her shoulder to see my chart, especially since I looked like a bum in my tshirt and Brandon's sweatpants.  "I swear I work here - please let me see my chart" ...yea, right.

We had only been sitting in the waiting room maybe ten minutes before Sabrina, one of the MAs from the transfer area, came out to get us.  We were taken in the back, our IDs were checked, we put little booties on over our shoes (well in my case, over my socks) and we were taken into the room where we would have our transfer.  That's when the worst wait was and we only had to wait for fifteen minutes, but it was the longest fifteen minutes of my life.  I am sure this is in large part to the fact that I was sitting half-naked on a table while Brandon sat quietly in the corner reading facebook/twitter/realGM and not talking to me.  

Finally, Dr. O'Brien and Karen (my dream team) came into the room.  Dr. O'Brien confirmed that I was who I am (which even she felt silly doing considering I had been her stand-in clinical assistant for over a year), and we got started.  After she made sure she had a clear path to the uterus, she called Martha from embryology into the little room.  Martha confirmed again that I am who I am and our treatment plan (aka the fact that we were only putting back ONE embryo... sorry mom, we don't really want twins just yet... or ever).  Once Martha had confirmed the information, she went back into the lab and picked out the best looking of our little friends.  Dr. O'Brien placed the gorgeous little embryo into my uterus and that was that.  The process itself took all of ten - fifteen minutes, maybe.  Before we left, Martha gave us a picture of the candidate for Baby Wilkinson - it's a beauty.  Then Lisa, the same nurse from the retrieval, came in to do my discharge instructions.  I am telling you - I had the Shady Grove dream team for both my retrieval and my transfer - I am very blessed.
Candidate #1 for Baby Wilkinson... dead ringer for Brandon, right?
Brandon and I went home and hung out... well, not really hung out - I sat in the recliner all day with my feet up. I was told to be on 24 hours of bed-rest.  Of course, the day I have to be on bed-rest it is absolutely gorgeous outside.  On the up side, the Daytona 500 was on which meant I could take a guilt free nap since I have zero interest in it and Brandon was excited that he could watch the race in peace.  And now, we wait. ....Again.