Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thank God for Small Miracles

At SGFC, the first blood pregnancy test for patients doing IVF is 18 days post-ER.  I thought I was going to have no problem waiting that long.  I have plenty of activities to keep me busy, between work and dinner plans.  I was wrong.

Sunday, March 3rd exactly one week from my embryo transfer I felt inspired to clean the bathroom.  Generally, Brandon is the one who is responsible for cleaning the bathroom (since he is the gross man who makes about 99% of the mess in the bathroom anyways), but I saw this scrubbing bubbles commercial and I love the sound of scrubbing bubbles working it's magic, so I decided I would cut my husby some slack and clean the bathroom. I opened the cabinet under the sink to get the cleaning supplies and BOOM! there it was - one single pregnancy test.  In my opinion, this was a sign from God.  I mean, if I didn't see that scrubbing bubbles commercial  then I wouldn't have wanted to clean the bathroom, then I wouldn't have opened that cabinet and found the test.  In my humble opinion, God basically told me to take that pregnancy test.  So I did it.
I nearly shit a brick.  The test immediately came back as pregnant.  I ran down the stairs and shoved the pee covered stick in a sleeping Brandon's face.  HOLY SHIT WE'RE HAVING A BABY! I wish I had taken a picture of his face.  His expression was one of love and happiness, fear and surprise all at once.  It was priceless.  I was so in shock that I went to Walgreen's and bought three more.  I waited a few hours and peed on another stick.  Yup, still pregnant.

Monday morning I peed on another stick - still pregnant.  I told Jordan what I had done and, God love her, she ratted me out to Dr. Levy.  Surprisingly, Dr. Levy wasn't mad.  He laughed at me.  I guess my impatience was no surprise to him.  He said if I am going to really cheat - I might as well cheat the right way and do a blood test the following day... four days early.  While I had gotten a positive on a stick - I was very nervous about the blood work.  Tuesday morning I got into the office at 6:30 and I did the blood work.  I knew that if I did it super early I could have my results back by 9:30.  So I did it and then I anxiously waited for my results.  The nurses and I had done the math and we wanted to see my blood levels at around 68.  We'd be happy with 68.  The endocrine lab was taking forever, so I called them - a machine went down and they had to re-run the blood.  Finally, around 11:00 in the morning my results came in.  My first blood pregnancy level was 153.  Holy shit, it's really real.  I repeated the blood test another 3 times - each time my number increased by even more than we has expected.  It's really happening.  

It's official - Baby Wilkinson is on the way :)  Our expected delivery date - November 12, 2013.  Yep, you read that correctly.  After getting married 9-10-11, our first baby is expected 11-12-13.  God works in mysterical ways and we are so thankful for that.