Tuesday, April 23, 2013

11 weeks!

How far along: 11 weeks exactly!

Baby is the size of: a lime (Ugh, I could totally go for a margarita)

Total weight gain/loss: no idea - which is nice since I am uber critical about this; however, pants are starting to not fit and the dress I was going to wear to Beth's wedding this weekend doesn't fit quite the same way either now... ugh.

Symptoms:I am starving in the morning when I wake up - like I could eat a small village.  I am also having the craziest dreams which I hear is totally normal.

Food Cravings: Breakfast food, especially pancakes, shredded hash browns and scrapple.

What I miss: tonight when Brandon and I went out to dinner at Uno's there was a "sangarita" on the drink menu (sangria + margarita) and, while I have never had it, I definitely missed it tonight haha

What I am looking forward to: I am still looking forward to our next ultrasound and feeling some movement.  I am also looking forward to actually showing and not being in that weird "is she bloated or what?" stage of things.

Gender Predictions: I am standing firm with boy.  Brandon told me tonight at dinner that he thinks girl.  I think his logic if he says it's a girl and plans for a girl mentally, then it will be a boy.  I know he won't say it out loud, but he definitely wants a boy.

Maternity Clothes:  Today I had to purchase a maternity dress to wear to Beth's wedding. Anything fitted just makes me look pudgy and is totally unflattering and the wrong waist line is totally uncomfortable.  The dress isn't an obvious maternity dress, which is nice - just a matter of being an empire waistline. I am going to look into some maternity pants for work this weekend as well as a belly band.  I am told my life will drastically improve when I am not so worried about the pants fitting.  Here's to hoping it's true!  Especially for Brandon's sake!  Last week I had an anxiety attack and basically a nervous breakdown because I couldn't get anything in my closet to fit/match.  I had tried on three pairs of pants, six different tops, two dresses and a skirt.  Poor Brandon had to basically pick out my clothes and dress me for work.  Heaven help us all.  At least he sent me to work in a matching outfit.

Wedding Rings: Very much on and kind of loose!  I am sure that is the lack of sodium I am having in my diet now!

Movement: Nothing yet, but I don't think I will feel anything until week 20 or so.

Best Moment of the Last Week: During our 9 week ultrasound we saw a cyst on the cord so it was a very nerve wracking week.  By the Friday after the ultrasound, I was starting to have dreams every night about ultrasounds and I would be in the waiting room of a doctor's office waiting for my ultrasound and when they would finally call me back I would wake up, or when I would get into the room where the ultrasound would take place and the door would shut, I would wake up.  Then when I would fall back asleep I would be in the same dream all over again.  This happened for three nights in a row.  By the forth night, my nurse/friend Jordan had entered the dream and was going to school to become a sonographer so that I wouldn't have to wait in the waiting room anymore. I finally told Dr. Levy about it and he offered to do an ultrasound before he left for his speaking tour in Asia (isn't he incredible?!). We did an ultrasound at 10 weeks and 2 days and the cyst was completely gone, like it was never there. Talk about a relief. So that was the best moment of the last week.  On top of that, after that ultrasound, the weird dreams went away, so I am feeling good!