Tuesday, April 16, 2013

10 Weeks!

I have been waiting to do these posts my entire life... or since Brandon made my chalkboard and turned my pregnancy tracker dream into a reality!  So here goes... the first of my weekly pregnancy belly pictures and posts!

How far along: 10 weeks exactly!

Baby is the size of: a cherry or a prune

Total weight gain/loss: down five pounds since February 8th... not sure how that's even possible but I'll take it!

Symptoms: NONE! well none of the obvious symptoms. I have been having CRAZY dreams.  Like the other night I had a dream that we were given twin girls and I was pregnant with this baby and I was freaking out that we didn't have anything for the baby - or the twins.  I woke up in a cold sweat - so the next day I started our registry... and Brandon and I came up with our stock up on diapers plan.  I refuse to be unprepared!

Food Cravings: None really.  I don't have cravings yet so much as fixations.  I have something to eat and then that's all I want to eat.  Last week it was Panera's Chopped BBQ chicken salad. I had it when a pharmacy rep brought it for lunch, then I made Brandon stop at Panera that night so I could have it for dinner and for lunch again the next day.  

What I miss: WINE! I didn't think I would miss it the way I am, but I do.  The weather has been begging for wine on the deck, but nope, can't do it.  Also, margaritas... but maybe that was only last week when we found a little Mexican restaurant with $1.99 happy hour margs.

What I am looking forward to: It's tough.  I am looking forward to our next ultrasound, feeling movement, finding out the gender.  Although, they do have these urine gender tests you can do that tells you gender as early as 10 weeks.  While I wouldn't put any of my eggs in that basket, it might be fun to do just because this is our first.  My co-worker Jessica and her sister both tried it and it was correct, so you never know!

Gender Predictions: So far most people I work with say boy (it doesn't help that everyone on the 3rd floor nursing wing who has had a baby in the last 3 years has had a boy); however, my supervisor, Karen, has a very strong girl feeling.  Brandon won't play along and make a prediction, but right now - I think boy.  I am told girls give hell when it comes to morning sickness and I have not had one single symptom.  So we'll see... only 7-10 weeks until we'll find out :)

Maternity Clothes:  I have made purchases, but haven't had to wear anything yet.  And by purchases, I mean I bought more maxi dresses since they are SO maternity friendly and pre/post maternity friendly.  I also bought 2-3 plain shirts that are maternity but I am hoping I won't need them for awhile.  Somehow my skinny pants still fit and so do my work pants.  Although, I did nearly have a stroke when I struggled with a pair of jeans over the weekend.  I am definitely going to have to invest in a belly band this weekend.

Wedding Rings: Very much on!

Movement: Nothing yet.

Best Moment of the Last Week:  Seeing baby dub wiggling and moving like crazy on our ultrasound last Tuesday.  It is crazy seeing that little heart beat and those little arm nubs flail about :)