Thursday, March 28, 2013

The IVF Cycle Breakdown, Pt. 1

This post was written in real time - each day was written as it happened and was saved to be posted at once.

Monday, February 4th: Pre-IVF evaluation ultrasound and blood work.  Turns out the scales at the MVA are far more friendly than the scales here at work.  Woof.  I need to go on a diet... juuuuust kidding.  I am totally not giving up ice cream and chocolate - not this close to Valentines's Day anyways.  Dr. Levy reviewed my results pretty early and gave me the green light to start my medications on Thursday.  Obviously, I have to wait until the start list comes out this afternoon, but things look good!

Tuesday, February 5th: Jordan met with Brandon and me to go over the injections.  There will be A LOT of shots over the next two weeks (and not the kind that I was good at in college... Ok I wasn't so good at shots in college, in fact, I hated them - Danielle and Dee can attest to that) and I wanted to make sure we knew what we were doing.  Brandon is a natural.  It was very impressive.  He had no fear of the mixing, filling the syringes, changing the needles or doing the practice injections.  Jordan was very impressed and so was I!  He really is absolutely incredible and I am SO very blessed to be married to him :)

Thursday, February 7th: Our first night of injections!  We were told to take the gonal-f and the menopur the first night.  The mixing was easy and the injections were easier.  Brandon is really good at the injections.  He doesn't leave a mark and I don't feel a thing!  I am so very proud of him and so very thankful that he is so wonderful.

We continued the injections on Friday and Saturday and I returned to the office for another ultrasound and blood work appointment on Sunday.

Sunday, February 10th: I went into the office for an ultrasound and some blood work.  My lining looked good and I had 18 follicles that the sonographer can count.  Tina, one of the weekend nurses, called me in the afternoon with my results.  My E2 was 316 so they want me to decrease the amount of gonal-f that I am taking.  Tina explained where Brandon will need to draw the syringe too and it wasn't a complicated change.  My next appointment will be on Tuesday the 12th. (PS - Happy 17th Months of Marriage, Brandon. I love you.)

I checked in with Dr. Levy on Monday the 11th to see what he thought of my weekend results.  He said things looked good and I shouldn't have "follicle envy" of one of my favorite patients of the Levy team.  I love that he pays attention to my crazy ramblings :)

Tuesday, February 12th: We got into the office for ultrasound and blood work pretty early.  Things were progressing nicely.  I had 26 progressing follicles, nine of which were measurable.  My estrogen was 640 which was a good rise.  Dr. Levy was frustrated that I came in before he did and that he missed my ultrasound, so he asked that I return the next day so that he could see for himself how the follicles looked.  Since my biggest follicle measured at 13mm he wanted me to start a medication called Ganirelix the following morning.

Wednesday, February 13th:  We took our first Ganirelix shot.  So far we are at 13 shots this cycle, four blood draws and four ultrasounds.  My estrogen rose to 787, not quite as much as Dr. Levy had thought it would, but enough that he wanted to tweak my medications, yet again.  Now we were going to take less gonal-f and double the menopur. And I am to return tomorrow for another ultrasound and more blood work.  Dr. Levy says that there is an 80% chance that we will go to retrieval on Monday the 18th.  I am really hoping he is right!