Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thank God for Small Favors

You know what’s nice?  When you are friends with your fertility nurse coordinator.

I was telling Jordan about my frustration with being on pills still.  When I did my mock ET, everything looked fine and I only had one cyst left.  I have done another week on the pills since then, so the last cyst should be gone, right?  Do I really have to do another week of pills?  Can’t we please change my start date to a little sooner?

She said yes.

I imagine this is how a man feels when he proposes and things go in his favor.  I have never been happier to hear the word “yes”.  This is better than hearing "yes" to the question "Can we please get a puppy?"  So we tweaked things and I get to start the medications four days sooner.  While this doesn't seem like a big deal to someone not going through an IVF cycle, it is, it totally is.  I am four days closer to being done with this process and that is exciting.

So now, my first appointment of my IVF cycle is on Monday, February 4th.  I will have blood work and ultrasound that day and if everything looks good (and it better), then I will be able to start the injections on Thursday, February 7th!  That’s the day that I would have originally taken my last birth control pill.  It really is amazing what four days can do for a person’s mental status. YAY for Jordan!