Monday, March 25, 2013

Fate and IVF

I am a firm believer in fate and the importance of dates and numbers.  As many of you know, when Brandon and I were picking our wedding date, it was between September 10th and September 24th.  My vote was for the 24th because of baseball.  I don’t love baseball the way Brandon does, but I love Brandon… and I love Robinson Cano from the Yankees and he wears number 24.  No – that was not the only reason I liked the number 24.  When Brandon and I were looking at wedding dates, I said the 24th because we were watching the Yankees game and Robinson Cano had just scored a homerun and I thought that was a sign.  Brandon picked the 10th because he said he had a feeling.  So we went with September 10th, 2011 (cheesy, right?) because Brandon had a feeling.  We called Brandon’s grandfather to tell him the date and there was a long pause.  September 10th is his wedding anniversary with Nan and I have Nan’s engagement ring.  It was fate.

When Jordan changed my Pre-IVE eval date and I got my new protocol, things seemed a lot like fate. I would now have my pre-IVF eval on a Monday - a fresh start to the week.  I would start my medications on February 7th - the anniversary of when I got engaged to Brandon. My egg retrieval would take place on February 18th - President's Day - a day when Brandon was already off of work. And if things go as planned, we would have a Day 5 transfer on Saturday, February 23rd, my mom's birthday.  See what I mean about fate? To top it off - I would have my first pregnancy blood test on Friday, March 8th - and this one is so crazy that it gives me chills. First of all, it's pay day: woohoo, money to celebrate... or to drown my sorrows.  Secondly, it's the last day that Dr. Levy is in town before a two week long trip.  Talk about perfect timing.  And finally - best of all - March 8th is the anniversary of when Brandon and I made our relationship official. So I am hoping that not only will we be celebrating being together for so many years, but also the fact that a new little friend will be arriving in the fall.

I mean seriously - all this fate should result in a positive blood pregnancy test, right? :)