Monday, February 4, 2013

Keep Calm and Regroup

Ok, so our first cycle wasn't a successful one.  That's ok.  It happens.  We have to remain optimistic and keep our eye on the prize.  Was I upset?  Of course I was upset, but I didn't feel hopeless.  If anything, I felt optimistic.  We knew why we weren't getting pregnant, we did everything we could that month and it didn't work.  We knew what we needed to do and we had a plan: another natural cycle IUI.  There is nothing more calming to me than having a plan.

I went into the office on cycle day 12 (and by into the office, I mean I went downstairs to the second floor where we do monitoring) which happened to be a Monday to have my blood work and an ultrasound done.  My ovaries were quiet, but the Rockville sonographer, Margaret, said I had a good follicle count.  Margaret is the best :) She pays such close attention to the little details, she gives just that little bit more of information that is so calming and so reassuring.  That afternoon Dr. Levy reviewed my results and he wanted me to repeat the blood work and ultrasound in a four days.  

After the next ultrasound on day 16, things were quiet but they looked good.  The uterine lining was thickening up and my follicles were getting bigger.  He told me to repeat things on Monday (cycle day 19).  At this point in my last cycle, I was basically ovulating.  This time things were slowly progressing and, as Dr. Levy put it, my ovaries were finally starting to wake up.  I was to repeat the blood work and ultrasound on Wednesday. Wednesday?  You mean the day before Thanksgiving?  You mean my day off?  Luckily, we have a Frederick office that is quite close to my home and luckily I have a wonderful husband who was also off the Wednesday before Thanksgiving who was willing to come with me to my appointment.  

It was important to me that Brandon see my side of things and it was quite an eye-opening experience for him.  The sonographer in Frederick, Susan, said that my dominant follicle looked good, but she would suspect it would be another few days.  My nurse, and good friend, Jordan called me that afternoon with my results.  This was a first - usually I checked the system and took care of my results and put my orders into the system on my own.  So this is what it feels like to be a real patient! Jordan said I might have to come in on Thanksgiving morning to have my IUI done.  You're kidding right?  I am hosting Thanksgiving.  I am cooking for six.  She said we would wait for Dr. Levy to review things, but that's what she would suspect.  Come on, man.  Dr. Levy reviewed my results later in the afternoon and said I would come in on Friday for my IUI.  Ha! Yes! That's what I wanted to hear! That couldn't have worked out any better - I was already working the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Talk about convenience!    

Friday morning I went into work as normal, but it was different than a normal Friday (besides the fact that the office was quiet because it was a holiday).  This time I was having my IUI done... by Dr. Levy. Yikes.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore Dr. Levy and I hold him in the highest regard.  I think he is an incredible, extraordinary doctor and I have referred people to him because of that.  I think he is a brilliant and intelligent man.  And I think he is one of the most compassionate and inspiring people I have ever met in my life.  I couldn't imagine having, nor would I ever want, any other physician in the fertility field managing my care, but the thing is, Dr. Levy is my boss.  I work extremely closely with him.  I danced with him at my wedding.  We don't have a normal doctor-patient relationship.  Having him all up in my lady parts appeals to me the same way that shoving a pencil in my eye does.  Sorry, Dr. Levy.  I guess Dr. Levy understood my feelings without me having to verbalize them because he stopped by the desk where I was working that morning to let me know that the female physician covering the OR that day would be called down to do my IUI.  Isn't he wonderful? :)

The IUI went off without a hitch.  It was simple, easy and painless.  Dr. Timmreck was wonderful.  After an IUI, the medical assistant puts a five minute timer on and you just lay there on the table with your knees propped up and the drape covering up the goods relaxing before getting up, getting dressed and heading on your way.  I was laying there peacefully thinking that this could be the cycle and daydreaming about babies and nurseries when I was pulled back down to earth by a most familiar voice.  Dr. Levy.  He decided to pop in to go over all the results of everything with me and let me know how things looked.  Guess I couldn't go through this thing without some kind of mortifying experience with him :) Clearly, I survived.

So what happened after the mortifying experience?  I went back to work... and then, we waited, duh.  Another two week wait.  Not much fun, right?