Monday, February 11, 2013

Another day, another dollar, another negative.

So I caved, I couldn’t make it the two weeks of the two week wait this time. I took a home pregnancy test four days early. It was negative. Now obviously, since I took the test early there still was a chance that it was wrong. Home pregnancy tests are wrong all the time... right? Eh, probably not.  Anyways Thursday morning, the day before I was supposed to do the blood pregnancy test, I got my period. Welp, guess that answers that question about the validity of home pregnancy test results.  But you know what, we tried everything we could this month. We did everything we could this month and ok, it didn't take.  That's ok. We can’t let it get us down!

As mentioned previously, I think, we met with Dr. Levy the week prior to the first blood pregnancy test of the second cycle to go over our options. He recommended doing one, maybe two more IUI cycles, before proceeding to IVF. WHOA.  He said we would continue doing natural cycle IUIs, but he wouldn’t be opposed to doing Clomid. When I think of Clomid, I think of multiples. And while my friend, Jessica, would be totally ok with me having quintuplets, I would like to shoot for one healthy baby. After our consult with Dr. Levy I spent a lot of time doing research on Clomid to see if maybe, just maybe, I could get away from my fear of the medication. Turns out – I am crazy. Surprising, right?  While Clomid does increase the chance of multiples, it’s a small percentage and really, that was a chance I should be willing to take.

So when I got my period, Brandon and I decided to go over the options again. We could do a natural cycle IUI or a Clomid IUI. We weighed the pros and cons, I talked to my nurse and Dr. Levy (a huge benefit of being the clinical coordinator for the physician you are going to see) and decided to give it a shot. I mean, honestly, what’s the worst that can happen?

So now here is our protocol (fancy pancy):
Cycle Day 2: Blood work.
Cycle Days 3 - 7: 25mg of Clomid
Cycle Day 11: Ultrasound and blood work.

The thinking is that by cycle day 11 we should have a better idea of when I am going to ovulate, so when I will do the trigger injection and when we will schedule to IUI.  Here's to hoping that we do the IUI on the 18th.  I mean seriously - what better way to start the new year than by finding out that little Wilkinson will be joining us for our second wedding anniversary :) Let's keep our fingers crossed.