Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Two Week Wait

Ahh, the infertility world's infamous two week wait.  The time between the IUI and the first blood pregnancy test. For many couples this is one of the worst parts of the whole process.  I mean, you're waiting to find out if you're pregnant, if your dream of starting a family is finally coming true.  There are websites built around this agony... think I am kidding?  Google "two week wait" and see what happens.  There is literally a website  I wish I was kidding.

For me, the two week wait was the easiest part about the whole process.  For someone who had been trying to months to get pregnant, who had one too many "does this look like an LH surge?!?!" or "is that line pink enough?!?" conversations, this was simple.  I had monitored my blood levels to know when I was surging which made the IUI pretty idiot proof, so we had done everything that we could.  Now, it was in God's hands. What, God can't be involved because we are seeking infertility treatment?  I disagree.  I think a person can do whatever treatment they want IUI, IVF, whatever; I think God determines when the treatment actually works and will actually take.  You can do 10 IUIs and have them all be negative but number 11 works - because number 11 is when God knows you are ready.  You can do an IVF cycle and have it not take, but the frozen cycle that you do next works because that's when God says you're ready.  He is the one who determines the final verdict, my friends.  Whoa - religious rant.  Where did that come from?  Sorry about that... Let's hop back on track...

During my own two week wait, I was able to keep myself pretty busy.  I had work that was a good source of distraction (thank you, Dr. Levy, for always having a project up your sleeve).  I was stuck in spreadsheet hell compiling international donor cycle stats and getting said stats into lovely little graphs, first total UK stats, then by center and finally by physician (oh God, I love my nerdy little life).  Besides that, my birthday was coming up, my parents were coming into town and we were about 10 days away from our first Halloween in the new house - seriously, I had no shortage of distractions.  In fact, I had everything to look forward to.  I was even more excited to host Thanksgiving - I had the perfect way to announce to our families that we were expecting.  I would get a shirt that said "this is what we're thankful for" with a little arrow that pointed down to my, eventual, bump. And right before dinner I would take off whatever sweatshirt or jacket I was wearing and BOOM someone would notice the shirt.  It was perfect and fun and thoughtful.

My birthday came and went, my parents came and went, Halloween came and went... and so did my period.  I guess it's a good thing I didn't buy that "this is what we're thankful for" shirt after all.  Whatever, October is such a lame month to get pregnant in anyways.... I hear all the cool people get pregnant in November :) ... at least, that's what we can hope for.